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    Wink Looks like it's going to be a good year for SW far at least.

    Well how do you feel you will fare at getting the figures you want this year? For me, it's looking good so far. I have a lock on the AOTC preview figures as well as a TF 2002 Vader and it looks like we should see a FLOOD of AOTC toys in April. I have a feeling that SW will be in great supply again(with the exception of the last few POTJ waves that is )real soon. There will be enough Jangos and Anakins to choke a Rancor, hanging on the pegs. The only figure I see as being harder to get would be a DooKu. You'd think Hasbro would learn from the past and understand the bad guys sell the best at first. I remember how hard it was, at first, to find a frickin' Maul anywhere. Now TRU has them aplenty.

    I don't think I'll do the midnite madness thing, I'm not into FULL CONTACT COLLECTING myself. I'll wait and hit Wal-Mart or Target the next day and see what I can get.

    Well I sure hope this year is a good one. I'm actually getting excited about collecting SW again.
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    It'll be an ok year. Sure we're getting the hoards of figures for AOTC, but OT figures are kind of lacking. That's depressing, because the OT figures we've seen look incredible.

    I won't do the "midnight madness" thing too. I didn't do in 99' and I won't do it now. I remember friends going and getting all they could, then the next day I was at a wal-mart and saw all the figures there. Besides, I don't think there were any figures in the first waves released that I wanted.
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    Yeah ill be heavily in credit card dept this year!

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    I am loving this year. I am going to be at Midnight Madness and I will be spending my birthday money and saved up money. Shopping spree!!!!!!
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