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    Orphaned Action Fleet Figures

    I have a question:

    I've just done some cataloging of my Action Fleet collection.

    My biggest reference tool to research what figures went with what was this archive:

    I found a lot of good stuff there. But I still had some odds and ends that don't fit:
    The TIE Intercepter was supposed to have the Lucas pilot and an Imperial Officer, but in fact had an Imperial Pilot. But I don't expect anyone to know why that happened.


    I had a Luke and a Han both in Stormtrooper diguises as well as an Imperial PRobe Droid (with a clear shell) that didn't have homes.

    Does anyone know which Action Fleet Vehicles, Playsets, or Battle Packs contain these figures?

    I don't have Series Alpha, Classic Duels, Flight Controllers, or any of the stuff for Episode 1, so I doubt it's with those. I'd appreciate any help or direction to better catalogues I get. Thanks all!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blockade Runner View Post
    The TIE Intercepter was supposed to have the Lucas pilot and an Imperial Officer, but in fact had an Imperial Pilot. But I don't expect anyone to know why that happened.
    If memory serves, the tie interceptor was released twice. First as a standalone AF and second as a 2-pack with the Millennium Falcon. The Lucas pilot you're referring to came with the standalone, I believe. He was dressed as an imperial pilot, but had a removable helmet. You kind of had to squint your eyes and use liberal amounts of imagination to see Ol' George, but it did appear to be a reasonable likeness (for such a small sculpt). I've got mine boxed in the attic, but would be glad to dig it out and post pics if you'd like.

    There was a really cool "Easter egg" in the 2-pack. If you have the Falcon from the 2-pack, you can disassemble it and find a very nice thank you from the lead designer JKF (Jim Fong) to the AF fans from the old Galoob BBS molded into the plastic inside the Falcon itself.

    As I said, this is all from a memory that is admittedly faded after many years of collecting these goodies, so if anyone has corrections, please feel free...

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    I saw a pic of that Falcon- really made me wish I'd gotten that 2pack. As for the Lucas fig, I was unclear. I found the Lucas Pilot, although time had not been kind to him/me: the plastic stuck together and when the helmet came off, so did most of his face. Shoulda stored it with the helmet off.

    No, it was the Imperial officer with Lucas that is my mystery there. I was one Imperial Officer short and one Imperial Pilot heavy once I had everything matched as best I could.

    Edit: Incidentally- they did an awesome job with detail on the named Imperial Officers. I found I was able to tell the various named generals and admirals apart matching the bars on the figs to the bars on the actors from the movie. I was floored

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    The TIE Interceptor was actually released 3 times, two of them were the ones Ross mentioned, the third was as a Flight Controller. I have pictures of all three versions online:

    Original release
    Classic Duels
    Flight Controller

    *edit: the original TIE Interceptor release came with 2 Imperial pilots, one with a removeable helmet to be George. It wasn't released with an officer until the Classic Duels two pack a year later.

    If I'm not mistaken, the only place you could find an Imperial Probe Droid with a clear plastic shell was in the Death Star playset, and I believe it was the same mold used for the Micro Machines release.

    The only place I could find Luke and Han in Stormtrooper Disguise was in Battle Pack #14, Death Star Escape.

    I hope this helped. I'm striving to have the best online photo resource for the Action Fleet, Micro Machines and Titanium lines, but it's a real work in progress. - The best thing since sliced bread.

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    I am pretty sure the probe droid in the DS was a different sculpt from the MM, slightly bigger.

    Good job on the ID on those, they all sound solid, cloneemp.
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    This helps TONS. There was a major difference between your Battle Pack and the other site's and it didn't have a photo. So now I removed wrong Han that was in BP#14, and need to figure out where he goes and I won't have anymore orphans!

    Your site was the kind of site I spent all of yesterday trying to locate! Now I can accurately place figs with vehicles/packs but also be confident that I'll have the year/release correct. Sweet!

    Now to use your awesome sight to double check everything and hopefully I'll be done.


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    Yeah, I've been trying to get ranked higher with Google. Unfortunately I don't have many websites linking to me and according to everything I've read, that is the single thing that brings a website higher with them. (Besides paying to be listed higher that is). I'm glad I was able to help though, and I'm only missing a couple Action Fleet items still even though I'm still looking for the rest. - The best thing since sliced bread.

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    Hooray! I finally figured it out, and so quickly too!

    I started re-cataloging with the Hoth playset and immediately found that the Chewbacca I'd put there didn't belong. At first I was saying to myself "Great, now I have a Han and a Chewbacca orphaned." But then I realized it was _Han_ and _Chewbacca_. I went right to the Millenium Falcon, and sure enough- I'd put it aside under the "I'll figure out which is the right Han and Chewie that go with this once all the rest are spoken for" pile... and then forgot I'd done that.

    Guys, thanks for all your help. I really, truly appreciate it!

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    Agreed... no shortage of AF experts here, huh?

    I've been sending folks to your site for a while Cloneemp... looking forward to seeing everything when it's complete! The photo spreads are outstanding!
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    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

    "We named the dog 'Chewbacca'!"
    The use of a lightsaber does not make one a Jedi, it is the ability to not use it.


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