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    Well, the CIS don't have a good variety of ground troops, it's boring to build an army of battle droids to go up against an AT-TE or something. But they have a variety of interesting walkers and such, makes the Clone struggle seem more challenging.

    I have added Snow Capt Rex to the collection, but he's the first one where his specialty might make him too difficult to mix with the other troops. Then again, this armor ended up on Geonosis spitting fire, and that was keen. But the Flame Trooper has a different colorscheme, certainly not Rex's helmet paint, so it might be hard to fit him into the AT-TE squad.

    But I think talking this out, I will try to, he can be part of Rex's squad since I have 2 Denals anyway, so I would make it Rex, 1x Snow Rex (subbing for a generic Torrent Company member), 2x Denal, and 1x shiny. I guess Anakin and Ahsoka will lead this squad since I have those figures and Rex is attached to Anakin.

    Stone, Lt Thire, Cmdr Thire, Rys, and Space Clone I guess make up another squad since they're all sporting the same colors. Plo Koon will lead them since I have him and this is I believe Plo's troop colors anyway.

    Cody can lead the 2x 212th figures, and since I'm putting him in the TX-120 tank, there's not really room for more anyway, so I guess Obi-Wan will lead this group since Cody is attached to him and I own an Obi-Wan.

    That leaves 2x 41st, 3 more shinies, 2x Tank Gunners, 2x "Matchstick" pilots, and an ARF Trooper unattached. In terms of Jedi Generals without troops, I have Mace Windu and Aayla Secura, but I don't plan on having the pilots or gunners attached to a general, so that leaves 6 between the 2 if I want to make a squad or 2 for the Jedi.
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    Where is a good place to get Snow Rex? And what was that about Lt.Thire AND Com.Thire?

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    i've yet to see Rex in cold weather gear

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    Quote Originally Posted by Captain Rex View Post
    Where is a good place to get Snow Rex? And what was that about Lt.Thire AND Com.Thire?
    In the Walmart/TRU exclusive two-packs, Thire was labeled a Lieutenant, which is accurate to the show. When he was reissued on a basic card (with some slight paint differences), he was labeled Clone Commander, which is the rank he holds in ROTS.
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