There are a ton of clone trooper figures out in The Clone Wars line, and with the close of the line's 2nd year, it seems like anybody who has even seen this line should own at least 1 animated clone figure.

Here are mine:

  • Captain Rex (preview) x2
  • basic Clone Trooper (dirty)
  • basic Clone Trooper (clean) x2 - (they were $2 a piece at HTS last weekend, but only allowed an order of 2. I wish they were they dirty variety, but oh well)
  • Clone Trooper (AT-TE)
  • Clone Trooper (Rishi Moon Outpost Battle Pack)
  • Cmdr Cody
  • Clone Trooper (with Space Gear)
  • Clone Trooper (41st Elite Corps)

And that's from someone who didn't want to buy but 1 total!

What do you have from this line?