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    Droid Gunship & Clone Swamp Speeder prototype pics

    A buddy called me up and found these pics of test shots:

    Droid Gunship...

    And the Swamp Speeder...

    Sources on both:

    Test shots are runs of the molds using leftover alternate-colored plastics without paint to see if the mold is going to work as intended.

    I'm quite surprised to see the Swamp Speeder, it's just not talked about much anymore, looks like a couple armchairs with a fan in between. This appears to be a faithful rendition of that though.

    The Droid Gunship looks like a $20 size, but does seem to have an opening cockpit in the head. It looks fairly faithful, but they definitely took a hit on size.
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    I'm not too interested in the prequel vehicles, even though they look extremely well done, but the Swamp Speeder does raise my hopes that Hasbro has some all-new, SA Wookiees planned for next year. Prequels or not, Wookiees are always cool.
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    The swamp speeder looks awesome, even though I wasn't clamoring for it. However, it's not surprising given that it fits in the starfighter vehicle assortment size and price range. It's also smart timing because of the TurboTank being out there and a focus on Kashyyyk - versus say Anakin's Jedi airpseeder - if only for this particular time and moment. But I think the Republic Forces are overwhelming on Kashyyyk, now with the TurboTank.

    I'm glad to see the Droid Gunship make it! I really wanted this one!


    Turbo Tank
    Swamp Speeder


    Wookiee flyer


    Corporate Alliance Tank Droid
    Dwarf Spider Droid
    Droid Gunship

    I think I'm using a Homing Spider Droid and the swamp colored Hailfire Droid here as well to give them more firepower. Don't remember what else was in the movie. I'm not remembering something Hasbro has made already. Maybe there was an AAT Tank colored correctly for use in this environment?

    They really need to make the Wookiee Catamaran!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Lt.Basker
    I want to see it [the swamp speeder] try to tackle Dagobah - they'd need an entire squad ahead of them cutting down the trees.
    Buy an Indiana Jones KOTCS jungle cutter vehicle on clearance and put the clones on it.
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    Don't care too much for the swamp speeder, the design in general looks oversized for a speeder, and this really highlights that with a lack of apparent features to use up that space. I want to see it try to tackle Dagobah - they'd need an entire squad ahead of them cutting down the trees.

    The gunship I think looks great, and would be incredibly fun to swoosh around while launching the barrage of missiles all the time. The only bad part is that it looks like it will be awkward to hold, and reloading all of those missiles could get tiring.
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    [FONT=Courier New]In a surprising move for me and my GAR centric collection, I will pass on the Swamp Speeder and get 2 Droid Gunships.[/FONT]
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    I like the look of these so far, but I want to see how these look all painted up. I think if the swamp speeder ends up being too clean that might be a problem for me. Probably in for one of each though.
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    Nice find! I wasn't expecting these at all. The movie designs are a little plain, but the Hasbro versions look nice. I know about the swamp speeder, but I can't find it in the film.

    Anyway, with all the recent prototype findings, and looking at the top 30 from the most wanted vehicle poll, we now have or soon will have seven of those, which is pretty good (including the Cloud Car, new snowspeeder, and droid gunship).
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    Before seeing the pictures, I would have turned down either of these. Now I'm not so sure. Both look pretty good and will probably be really fun for the kids.

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    i like the Swamp Speeder but not entirely sold on all comes down to finances and how much they are selling for
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