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    hayward still scaanin 39.99 two hours ago

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    That is odd. But, I do know that they did have at least three left at the Dublin store. I'm surprised that different TRU's have different stock on clearance. Maybe the Hayward one is going to catch up later?

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    Got tghe $30 tie interceptor today. Plus picked up the $99 Turbo Tank for only $6.57 after taxes due to being priced to $0.00 clearance.

    Woo Hoo

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    Turbo tank??? At TRU Hayward?
    Wow! Sweet deal!

    I haven't seen one of those at any of the TRU's in a long time.

    Did they have any others?


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    Target Clone Wars Figures $5 each this week

    The sale starts today. I was able to pick up the Flame Thrower Clone and Goji at the Hesperian Target in Hayward for $5 each . Just gotta' find the camo arf trooper. If anyone can pick up an extra one for me, I would appreciate it.
    Have a good week folks.


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    Yeah, sounds good.

    Im looking for camo arfs as well. If I see extras I will pick up for us bay area guys as well.

    I will do the same for Hoth Packs. If I find em I will let you all know. If you beat me to it or are not interested then thank the gods for the target return policy.

    Happy Hunting

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    Thanks for the backup on the Camo's. I'll post as well if I get them.

    I'll take a pass on the Hoth packs for now. Got enough of the older Hoth stuff although the new rebels look pretty good and I will be buying more of the new snow troopers individually since they are on sale.


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    Goji - Flamethrower Clone - Ki Adi - TRU in Dublin

    Found those three figures at TRU in Dublin today. They had multiples of each one.

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    sorry, which three?

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    Quote Originally Posted by nohagent View Post
    sorry, which three?
    The three in his subject line, Goji, Flamethrower, and Ki-Adi. All of which I've seen recently but never at the same time.
    Have: CW Yularen, CW Clone, everything from CW Slave I set except Slave I, TFU Shadow Stormtrooper x2, Evo Trooper, Saga AT-AT Driver, K-Mart Jodo Kast || Want: Vintage Fordo
    Thanks to TheDarthVader, Phantom-like Menace, TheRealDubya, Jediguy, Dark Marble, Umbra, Qui-Long Gone, CrunchyNug, GH_fan and jedikiss.


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