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    Wow, I just realized I'd said wave 4 in my earlier post! ROTJ wave is 3, right? I can never keep track of this stuff!

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    CW - Quinlan and Cato, anyone?

    Anyone come across Quinlan Vos or Cato?

    Curious to know if anyone has encountered figs from this wave.


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    Have not seen a thing.

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    CW - Quinlan and Cato - found 'em!

    Hi Guys,

    Stopped by the TRU in Hayward earlier today to pick up presents for the family and they had a full set of the Quinlan Vos CW wave. I passed on all of them since I had already placed an order through HTS when they had their 25% off and free shipping.

    Best wishes for a safe and happy Christmas and New Year to all you SW Bay Area collectors!


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    Jabba's Throne $19 - Walmart

    In case anyone is still looking for a Jabba's Throne, the Walmart in Hayward off of Davis had two of them for $19 each when I was there yesterday. And, for those of you who collect DC superhero figs, they also had the Green Lantern 5-pack for $30. There were about three of those when I left.

    Lastly, they had two Tie Bombers. They were in the clearance section, but the price was still the original $38. What's up with that??? I've seen the same thing at the Walmart in Dublin/Pleasanton. Why are these things in the clearance section and still scanning at the regular price? I'm a bit perplexed and aggravated because I've seen reports from folks in other states finding them in Walmart's clearance aisle, but at a reduced price, usually around $20. Are they simply waiting to add them into the pricing system in the Bay Area? Once again, we prove why we continue to be one of the most expensive places to live in the U.S. Ok, end of rant...


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    TRU in Pleasant Hill had 6 of the Endor Pilot sets yesterday and I bought 2 so give them a call if you're still looking.
    Have: CW Yularen, CW Clone, everything from CW Slave I set except Slave I, TFU Shadow Stormtrooper x2, Evo Trooper, Saga AT-AT Driver, K-Mart Jodo Kast || Want: Vintage Fordo
    Thanks to TheDarthVader, Phantom-like Menace, TheRealDubya, Jediguy, Dark Marble, Umbra, Qui-Long Gone, CrunchyNug, GH_fan and jedikiss.

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    Haven't been to the Pleasant Hill TRU since I bought my house just on the other side of Buchanan Field last month! That's very unlike me. Guess I just felt pretty caught up on toy collecting at the moment, and it didn't seem like there was much of anything new out. Knew I should've stopped by this weekend!

    I do need some serious help, if any of you guys can manage it. I'm still missing Hourman, Zatanna, Obsidian, and Gold of the recent Wal-Mart DCUC wave. I would really, REALLY appreciate it if anyone here has seen them, and could at least let me know where they are! Last year, the Wal-Mart in American Canyon had tons of them in stock (an entire ten foot run, from floor to top, in fact) and I thought for sure they'd be getting as many of the new exclusive wave, but so far I've only seen leftovers here and there. They may actually have had them around Christmas time - I actually convinced one of their never-so-helpful employees to do a UPC scan for me, and though she tried to hide it from me, she accidentally let me see that they had some quantity in stock, though she refused to go back and get them for me. I'm a freak for the DC Superheroes, and this wave has a lot of personal favorite characters. I'm worried I may have missed the boat, and I'm hoping someone here might be able to help.

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    Roo - check the mattel forum. There's a guy offering to send figures from the wave that you need for cost + exact shipping.

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    CW - Hevy and friends found

    The Target in San Leandro has the following figures from the Hevy wave: Hevy, Obi-Wan, Cad Bane w/ Todo, and R7-A7. They had them in multiples.

    No sign of Hondo for those of you who still need him.

    Keep in mind that Target has jacked up their prices on CW figures to $7.99.

    That alone made it easy for me to pass on Bane even though I would like to have Todo. I'll be waiting for a sale to get him since I already have the first Bane.

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    Very quiet here. Where are all the Bay Area folks? Anyways, I was able to find the new Luke Skywalker and Han Solo vintage figures at the Walmart in San Leandro; they had multiples earlier in the week. Not much new beyond that. However, I also picked up an R5 from the AOTC wave from the Walmart in Hayward today - that was the only one that they had. They also had a destroyer droid, but I passed on that. Not much else at that store. Have a good weekend all and post 'em if you find 'em.



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