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    Luke in pilot jumpsuit figure idea?

    when i saw the empire strikes seeing luke zip up his orange jumpsuit and took rest of his pilot gear when 2-1B wanted him to be careful.

    have anyone think about the footage where luke suits up in his jumpsuit before he puts on his jacket and the rest of his gear?

    I'm think an idea for a luke in jumpsuit figure with a removable vest (part of the pilot gear uniform), helmet, gun and lightsaber.

    they already made some figure with removable vest like

    jango fett apartment
    clone in red with removable clone trooper armor
    han solo removable stormtrooper armor vest
    All the characters from the Star Wars films needs to be made into figures especially Luke Snowspeeder pilot (new head without cap), Wedge Snowspeeder pilot and the rest of the X-Wings, Snowspeeders, Y-Wings and B-Wings pilots! Biggs Darklighter as X-Wing, all the Jedis and all the Skiff and Sail Barge Guards all needed improvement and movie accurate!

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    Yeah, and the chest armor is way over sized and clunky. I have all of those figures (and even some other attempts at the same removal vest feature you describe) and I never display them with the chest covering on. If you want a pilot Luke without the headcap, why not take the head off of the VTAC ESB Luke and put it on the ESB pilot body?
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    Hasbro will probably make this one day - Luke from the brief 21B scene "Sir, it will take quite a while to evacuate the T-47s" to which Luke really should have replied "Thank you for that random piece of commentary about our snowspeeders Mr. immobile medical droid!"

    But yeah Hasbro will continue to look for any excuse to put out a Luke figure and this one (where he is wearing the orange pilot jumpsuit but yet not the orange jacket or the pilot torso gear etc) is bound to come to their attention. Look at the minor versions of other core characters they've made - medical frigate luke & Leia, smuggler Lando. The next ESB Han is looking like its going to be the briefly seen Han in hoth gear with his coat open so I don't see why we won't see this version of Luke!

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    A better idea would be the Jumpsuit Maul from the deleted scene in TPM, where he is rudely awakened from sleep in his bunk on the Infiltrator by amorous Dewbacks on Tatooine.

    It was a royal blue jumpsuit, with footies, IIRC.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Old Fossil View Post
    A better idea would be the Jumpsuit Maul from the deleted scene in TPM, where he is rudely awakened from sleep in his bunk on the Infiltrator by amorous Dewbacks on Tatooine.
    For a second I thought you were going to say the Galoob version that came with their Series Alpha Sith Infiltrator.

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    Half of that figure already exists from the Heir to the Empire comic pack with Mara Jade. I'm pretty sure the bundled up portion at his waist is a separate piece, so they can reuse the waist and the legs. And, yeah, I'd like to see that figure.
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    I'd probably buy it. Of course, three years later I'd pull it from storage and wonder why I bought it. It would then go back into storage for a year after which I'd pull it out and say "wow, I'm glad I bought this."

    Such is my life.


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