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    "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies" coming to the big screen w/ Natalie Portman!

    this is great news:

    I've read the book for several classes (Lit major!) and watched a few of the films. I read P&P&Z over the summer and loved it. This should be fun stuff!
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    I have the book and read about 1/3 of it (too much Austen, not enough Zombies).
    I do want to finish it, but I have to be in the mood to read it.

    I'll be there on opening day for the movie though, especially with Portman starring.
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    I think that they key to this movie would be to play it completely straight with the Pride and Prejudice stuff. Have there be no indication at all that it isn't a straight boring parlor movie (except for the dialogue they have about the zombies). Then when the zombies come have just horrible brutal senseless violence then go back to the parlor movie like nothing happened.

    They should NOT have a rock/heavy metal sound track, even when the zombies come.

    It should be edited like a parlor movie, not like Michael Bay would do it with a bunch of quick cuts and shaking cameras and close angles.

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    Couldn't get into the book; I thought the zombie stuff was really badly written. It seemed like something that should've been online for free, rather than published.
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