I am mainly looking for VINTAGE figures still sealed in their mail away baggies. If you don't have any "bagged" figures, I am also interested in some of the harder to find POTF variations or mispackaged figures. Let me know what you have.
Please email me directly at...


A "C" signifies a Canadian Carded figure,"U" is US Carded, "F" is a Canadian card with a french commtech chip, etc.

Episode one
F Obiwan t
F Quigon t
C Darth Maul JD
C Darth Maul T
C Destroyer Droid
U Jar Jar Swimming
U Oom-9 Binoculars in Tray
C Yoda (without Episode one on Package)

C Anakin T no bag
U Ric Olie 2 right arms
U OOM-9 head off
C 12"luke in Jar Jar box

Mail Away
C Mace Windu Mail
U Mace Windu Mail


C Darth Vader WB
C Jawa w/o holes
U Jawa w/o holes
U Leia w/ hood
U Motti
U Stormtrooper

C Snowtrooper

Orange Cards
Euro Boba Fett
C C-3PO (square card)
Jap Chewbacca .00 THX Insert
C Darth Vader LS (square Card)
C Darth vader SS (square Card)
C Han Carbonite
C Jedi Luke
U Luke Dagobah SS/LT
Euro Luke SS
U Obiwan .00 (headshot) LS
U Sandtrooper .00
C Stormtrooper (square card)
U Stormtrooper .00
C Yoda

Green Card
U Boba Fett .03
U C3PO Green Tint (jap)
C Jawas
U Luke Jedi Theatre edition
U Royal Guard
C Snowtrooper HS

Freeze Frames
C Boba Fett
U Boba Fett .04
C Weequay
C Chewy bounty
C C3-PO Removable limbs
U Darth Vader Rem. Helmet
U Deathstar Trooper
C Han Carbonite
C Luke Cerimonial
C Luke stormtrooper
U Ree Yees

Flash Back
C Aunt Beru
C Darth Vader
U Darth vader (2 arrows)

Expanded Universe
U Darktrooper
U Spacetrooper

C Leia Boush Coll.1
C Luke Imperial guard Disguise

C SandTrooper with Cantina Diorama

C Aurra Sing
C Chewbacca Mechanic
C Darth Maul (Sith Apprentice)
C Darth Vader (Emperor's Wrath)
C Darth Vader (hidden Luke sticker)
C IG-88 (closed right hand)
C Lando (Bespin Escape)
C Leia Bespin Escape
C Obi-wan Kenobi
C Plo Kloon
C Queen Theed Escape
C R2-Q5 (imperal error)
C Saesee Tiin
C Sandtrooper
C speeder biker
C Tessek

Almost every loose figure up to the POTF

Loose Vintage POTF
A-Wing Pilot
Han Carbonite