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    Worst Star Wars names

    This has nothing to do with the characters, just the names. Which ones rub you the wrong way, and why?

    For me, the winner is Count Dooku. Like I've said before, it sounds like the sewage auditing job no one wants. "Excuse me, Anakin, but this burrito isn't settling with my stomach. I have to go and count dooku."

    For the EU, Vandolay. There's a place for decent homage, and there could've been a clever way to reference Seinfeld (A'bubot could've been a less obvious one that fans would get). But to tack George's alias on a Imperial grunt who looks nothing like Jason Alexander and for no reason, that is the definition of fail.

    EU runner-up would be Soon Baytes. Honestly, man, that's just bad. I hope someone at Lucasfilm got fired over green-lighting that one.

    Film runner-up, definitely Commander Cody. Cute. An homage to both a one-hit wonder and a forgotten serial. Ha ha. Beat us over the head with it, why don't you? Why weren't the other clone commanders called Commander Jan, Commander Dean, and Commander Carl Wilson and have them cruise around in an Intech Sloop John B-409?

    I think Jango Fett has a pretty lousy name, too. That worked once, for junior. Not so much for daddy. It just lacks the ring of the original. "This is Boba Fett, the notorious bounty hunter. His father was Jango Fett. No, the bounty hunter Jango Fett, not the French jazz guitarist Django Fett."
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    General Grievous and Darth's Maul & Sidious are pretty terrible also.
    Was Darth Evil too obvious?
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    Jar Jar

    Fisto isn't a winning name either....
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    Fisto is silly, but I kinda think "Kit Fisto" has a sort of goofy ring to it.

    How about Padme, Sabe, Corde, Dorme, Eirtae, Rabe, Yane, Sache, Fe, Dane, Verse, Motee, Elle? Unless there's an official explanation that female Naboo names usually end in an accented letter 'E' (sort of like how names in Latin-based languages like Spanish or French end in a particular letter--unlikely given the names of Padme's two successors), or that the 'E' is actually a title, it's a little corny. "Oh, I'm sorry, Susan. You look just like me, and your military record is exemplary, as is your resume as an actress. However, I can't hire you as a handmaiden because your name ends in the wrong letter."
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    Come to think of it, as much as I hate to knock Ewoks, how about this:


    Wicket W. Warrick???

    Um, one of these things is not like the others.
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    [FONT=Courier New]Even though I like the name Anakin, I thought it wasn't very fair to give a whiny *male* character a nickname like "Ani".[/FONT]
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    DJAS PUHR!!!

    (Excuse me.) *wipes nose*

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    There are a lot here already that bug me, all the Padme gals are way up there.

    Pello Scrambas. I think the guy is cool, but that name stinks.

    Wald and Kitster are waaaaay up my list.

    Shmi is near the top.

    Sio Bibble is a ridiculous name.

    Queen Jamilla and Queen Apailana are both bad names.

    Typho. Has a really bad flow to it, very weak and a little silly.

    A lot of the "sounds like what it is" names, like Rannat and Voolvif Monn. The only one off the top of my head that works for me is Ree Yees, and that's probably just nostalgia.
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    Elan Sleazbaganno.
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