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    Fans' Choice PREDICTION as to who will win.

    With results coming any day, who do you THINK will win. NOT who do you want to win? Please just pick one that you think will be one of the winners, even though Hasbro said there will be winnerS.

    Here were the top 30:

    Admiral Pellaeon
    Bastila Shan
    Barriss Offee
    Ben Quadrinaros
    Bom Vimdin
    Cane Adiss
    Cliegg Lars
    Darth Caedus
    Darth Plagueis
    Darth Sidious Senate Duel
    Dash Rendar
    Dr. Evazan
    Grand Moff Tarkin
    Jocasta Nu
    Joruus C'baoth
    Kitster and Wald
    Queen Apailana
    Queen Jamillia
    Rebel Fleet Trooper
    Sgt. Doallyn
    Sim Aloo
    Taym Dren-Garen
    Tey How
    Toryn Farr
    Weequay Skiff Master

    I think Bastila Shan will win. She was the highest rated figure from the last poll that still hasn't been made. Certainly not my choice!

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    Jaxxon won in my heart.

    I'm thinking Evazan, since they already announced him for 2011.
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    If someone is a winner that wasn't already in production, how long do you think it will take to see the figure?

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    I predict that those five people who want Jocasta Nu have been flooding the poll with votes since day one (obviously because they are total losers), so she will end up being the winner. Hasbro will make her under protest and the line will die.
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    Dunno. But back when they showed the progress on the Fan's Choice figure (didn't they only do that once?), the sculpt for Ellors Madakk seemed to materialize in record time. I always found it fishy that Ephant Mon (or was it Amanaman?) was dominating, then Ellors came from behind in the last couple of days, and BAM! Prototype within a week or two.
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    OK, I think they are prototyping almost all of these since it's a smart idea to make the figures most-wanted off this list.

    However, I'd like to see them correct an error. Remember the 500th Figure Anniversary Darth Vader? Well there still are not 500 different Darth Vader's offered.

    Seriously, I think voting for the more unlikely characters like Jocasta Nu or Cliegg Lars, is a great strategy to get them made.

    Joruus C'Boath and the other PT Naboo Queens also fit that description.

    Personally, with the Noghri originally slated for a possibly cancelled Comic 2-pack, I wish that figure had done better.

    From the list, I'd buy everything except:

    Darth Plagueis (no one to go with him really unless the EU develops the character)
    Dr. Evazan (don't want a resculpt over new cantina figures like Bom Vimdim)
    Grand Moff Tarkin (don't need period - for what - a "skirt?")
    Jaxxon (funny, but not a fan)
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    I have no idea who won. As was said, Jocasta Nu had very few fans; GeonosisJedi was the only one here who really wanted her, and he only registered here so he could talk about it (and I've seen him on at least one other site as well, doing the same thing).

    The last time, EU stuff did well, and I think it was due in part to the fact that it was run by Wizard, which has an audience that is into that kind of stuff. I wouldn't be surprised if an EU figure won. Pellaeon would be a colossal waste, though - we already have so many Imperial Officers that, no matter how important the character was in the comics, a figure of him would just be redundant.

    Chux, several of the characters on the poll from last time were already in production, like Quinlan Vos and the Galactic Marine, off the top of my head. Quinlan won, and I don't doubt that, but they bumped him to say that Revan won. They already confirmed Barriss, Rebel Fleet Trooper, and Dr. Evazan, and I think they confirmed Bom Vimdin (but maybe not), so even if any of them win, they'll move down to the next one. I'm not sure what happened with the Ellorrs Madak thing, but they've run several other polls since then - that was nearly a decade ago; let it go, man! I know you love conspiracies when it comes to SW, but this is yet another case of "it just ain't so."

    It seems like there are so many "not gonna make this" figures on there that it will be really interesting to see how it all turns out.
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    I've said before I don't think it's really a conspiracy, but a sort of "test." They do one poll, Amanaman's winning, then they change it so that Ellors wins. Then they do another, with Amanaman already planned, and he does just as well as the concept Stormtrooper. So they say Amanaman won, and get cracking on the Stormtrooper, who wins the next poll over Ephant Mon. We're still getting the figures, just a poll behind.

    Under the ToyFare way, who knows. I believe Quinlan was planned, and it did take longer to get Darth Cobra Commander. Then the list became, beyond the winner, became free market research. (Though I did find it funny they kept referring to Revan as a "mandate" from fans, when the top several places were all quite close in voting.) I think you're right: this list won't quite serve the same purpose. They've said, for instance, no Jocasta Nu unless she wins. (Which is unfortunate--I'm not clamoring for her, but she'd be a cool addition to my collection, and would be tough to customize, especially to today's standards.)
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    JabbaJohn, I too want Jocasta. If you'll look, she's always on my voted-for lists in all the polling we do here.

    I want to make a Jedi library diorama as part of the Temple diorama. I have an extra Shaak-Ti and Obi-wan figure, plus the Library Droids from the cut-scene, and extra younglings to recreate this scene from AOTC.

    I may change it though to have the 501st storming through and use some of the Geonosis Jedi for fighting the Clones in the library instead though.

    Does anyone know if it was actually Anakin that killed Jocasta Nu, or did she fall by Clone Troopers?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tycho View Post
    Does anyone know if it was actually Anakin that killed Jocasta Nu, or did she fall by Clone Troopers?
    I think she's one of those who has conflicting information about her death (though not nearly as bad as Shaak Ti, who died, what, three different ways in ROTS, but was still around for TFU to die again). The video game adaptation shows her being pretty defiant to Vader, before getting skewered on his blade.
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