have 12" Bossk, Death star Trooper, 4LOM, Han Solo Stormtrooper, Sith Lords 2pack (Vader/Maul), 100th Edition Luke Skywalker
300th Edition Boba Fett

want-Tessek, R2Q5, Lando Calrissian, Darth Vader Emperor's Wrath, Princess Leia w/Barge Cannon
Carbon Freezing Chamber, TIE Interceptor, BWing,
any new waves (FX7, Teebo etc)

POTF2-Jabba's Skiff Guards, Rebel Pilots
Y-Wing , Tatooine Skiff

email for list of 12" POTF2 available..many to see
interested in lots of vintage?? check ad in 'vintage'

email for further POTF2 wants (figure lots for GC, GC w/FF)