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    Deluxe Line Coming to Legacy

    I saw pictures on another site of a TRU exclusive deluxe set from the OT. I'll link a photo here when Sirsteves gets a photo up. Basically, it looks like a scout trooper with a speederbike. From the looks of it (packaged) it looks like the same old VTSC scout trooper and the POTF2 speederbike with a new paint scheme. Question: would anyone here buy this? The next speederbike I'm buying is an all new tool and I'll buy multiples but this looks like an easy pass.
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    Yeah, that's kind of an odd looking set since the paint scheme on the bike is not at all accurate for ROTJ.

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    Looks almost like a Hoth-style Speeder Bike.
    Tommy, close your eyes.

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    Way to kill a line before it begins. Same terrible bike, and the figure that's almost been done to death. What, couldn't find a way to include a CommTech Han or Vader or a Saesee Tiin with the speeder bike either? For that they killed comic packs?
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    wow, great news...not. so we get a rehashed OLD speederbike, the same bikerscout for the billionth time and all the while, the "never to be released again" yavin battlepack is going for 3x retail on ebay. life is good for the SW collector.

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    I wonder, since Marshall's and Ross and TJ Maxx got some of the Evolutions sets and the GIJoe DVD sets (including the insanely rare #5), if the Yavin set will wind up there for half price. Or if it really was made in such low numbers. Being a mid-year item, I suspect the latter.
    Tommy, close your eyes.

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    Theres also a picture on another site of a deluxe STAP with battle droid. Not sure what the rule on other sites names or whatnot is so...

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    kinda looks like the original paint scheme from the old Kenner days..maybe a throwback ? if it's a Hoth paint scheme then perhaps it's coming out for the 30th of Empire ? either way it's a way and see for me. would rather a complete redo of the bike and trooper.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DarkArtist View Post
    kinda looks like the original paint scheme from the old Kenner days..maybe a throwback ?
    The vintage bike was tan, not grey.

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    Or if they find the sculpts for the handlebars from the original clone wars speederbikes. I just wish we could get some classic mini rigs. I could use several of those designs in most of my dioramas.


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