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    Cool Yavin base suggestions

    Yavin base. Could do with some love so I just waffled about this in another section but copied it here because this is where it really belongs.....

    Rebel technician. Could even sell on the merits of a small vehicle if they made the cargo/personnel transporter sled. and should come with ground crew batons and cargo cases.

    The Yavin base guard in the green uniform could have a removable helmet and have his peaked cap on underneath. would presumably come with rifle or whatever it is they carry. Maybe do a tri-head variants thing like they did with the fleet trooper.

    Come to think of it a tri-head variation on rebel pilots would be cool too. especially if the pilots came with x-wing access ladders.

    For Commander Willard they only need to re-use Captain Antilles' body. it's basically the same uniform. New head. Should come with the death star plans readout screen in a wall section.

    Evram Lajaie can re-use Dodonas body. they wore the same. New head. Should come with the same tactical screen General Rieeken did.

    Yavin base Communications officer. Re-use the yavin tech's body. New head. Should come with the large round display monitor that shows the Death star's proximity.

    A Threepio and Artoo 2-pack would be cool. Threepio with knees and a hand able to hold a commlink. And Artoo DS battle damaged. Possibly have a plug in data cable so he can connect to the rebel computers.

    Medal ceremony Leia should be an entirely new sculpt. the POTF ones were not up to much. and looked nothing like Carrie Fisher. Plus obligatory medals.

    Luke, well he's rumoured to be on the horizon, Han VOTC would do here. And a decent Chewbacca.

    Biggs, Wedge, Luke, Porkins, John 'Dutch' Vander, Theron Nett, Pops, Hutch, Tyree, would make an awesome boxed set. much like the bounty hunters box set.

    And of course a re-release of the X-wing fighter with stickers for the wings where you can change the number of wing bars to get yourself different pilots' x-wing fighters. And the more of them you buy the bigger the squadron gets.

    Could re-release Y-wing fighter I suppose. with the yellow nose markings but different dirtying paint apps and different blast marks. maybe darker rear engine parts and a completely different Astromech droid head. maybe an R5 unit.

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    I'd buy all these. I too think Yavin rebel base needs serious beefing up. Too few background/minor characters have been made for it.

    About Willard though - didn't he have a long brown overcoat rather than the Antilles uniform?

    Also for X-wing pilots I would rather that Vandar's body wasn't used - he's too tall. That sculpt shouldn't have been used for Wedge. Wedge deserved his own unique sculpt what with being the only non-luke pilot to appear in all 3 films.

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    Willard wears the same uniform as Captain Antilles. Evram Lajaie wears the long duster coat that Dodona wears. So I would assume Commander Willard is Airborne. Whereas Dodona and Lajaie are strike force sort of deal. I would then further assume that Willard, Antilles and the fleet troopers are Bail Organa's donation to the rebellion. Along with the Tantive IV.

    Funny how the penny drops. even after all these years I only just figured that out. D'OH!

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    I wouldn't mind seeing any of those individually carded or as part of a battle pack.
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    This is one area where some work could be done.

    I think you're right on with an x-wing pilot multi-pack. Customizers would go nuts as would fanboys like me.

    The battle damaged R2 is one of the top figures I want made. Always wanted this one and it wouldn't cost Hasbro much to do a version on this.

    The transporter sled is also a vehicle that would be cool. It's fit well in a $15 price range, an would be a must for me.

    I'm also in favor of any and all named Rebel leaders as well as generic troups to build up on.
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    I could always go for a pilot pack. Red Leader came out when I was financially unable to get him, and I had to get Wedge, Nunb, and the Asian guy (Crynyd, Cynid?) on eBay. Never saw them in stores.

    As far as releasing the Y-wing again. I'd be for that, but I want an empty astromech socket! That was always the coolest thing about the Y-wing when I was a wee lad: I could put R5-D4 in it if I wanted to. Now that we have far more astromechs than just R2 and R5, it's almost criminal that we have no option to add these droids to our Y-wings. Since I missed out on Red Leader (and Luke's X-wing with empty socket) due to financial concerns, the only vehicle I have that option with now is the ARC-170, which interestingly enough has a socket manned (droided?) by R5-D4 thanks to Hasbro's finally giving us a new sculpt of the little guy.

    On the topic of the transport sled, that's always struck me as a great idea. My gunship/ARC-170 table scene has the little yellow droid from the Naboo accessory set, a power droid, and Aunt Beru's blue milk assistant, but it would look far cooler with some kind of maintenance or transport sled. I'm just absurd enough to make one into a baggage cart, though.
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    Nice ideas, would definately buy these.I would also add the rebel sentry with lookout post and range finder thing.
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