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    plastic for guns,droids, rubber for tires, PLEASE!

    It just strikes me that if h-bro cares at all about the older, "collector" market, why do they insist on giving us horrid, cheesy rubber guns and accessories? There is another thread (about what to do with amanaman's staff) which totally brought this, my main gripe, back in full colour.
    Ever since IG88(the original one), I wished that droids were made of slightly sterner stuff.
    Then the death star gunner, with that big rifle shaped glob of petroleum. Then the 9d9, with wet noodles to stand on.
    THEN 300 boba fett, with the gun so deformed in the package that I can't even look at him for more than a few seconds.
    I guess I'm trying to say- if they're looking to please the "collector" market as well, why not make figs with collector quality materials? I would walk through fire for a complete collection of replacement accessories for POTF2 and POTJ.
    And to have droids(and one piece supporting characters) who's feet BOTH LAY FLAT ON THE GROUND would be like a dream come true- I can't help but imagine how cool a harder plastic, multi part, transforming mechanism(a bit much, but it could be done, and it would RULE) Destroyer droid would be?
    C'mon, hasbro!!! It's SW, not the Gang who couldn't shoot/stand straight!! Woooooo!!!!!
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    I have to admit the EV9D9 has legs like a drunk naval private first night off his ship.

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    I agree with all the above. I recently bought the new POTJ Sandtrooper and man that weapon he comes with sucks!!! It is so weak it is difficult to get it in his hands. And when you finally get it standing with the gun, the stupid thing falls out if you only look at it!

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    Dear lord Hasbro. I just got the Han/Chewbacca/Djas Puhr/Chancellor Palpatine wave.

    Chewbacca is sweet. That crappy lump of 3PO that came with him however...icky.

    Han Solo is an abomination. When did Han Solo have palsy in the saga, I ask you? Seriously. I took him out of the package, played with him for all of three seconds, and then stuffed him back in.
    Djas Puhr is cool, but ummmmm...his gummi worm guns?!? Not very intimidating for someone who's supposed to be a bounty hunter.

    Let's just pause and think about how crappy his flimsy little sticks are.

    We are not finished contemplating how suckass those guns are.

    Still considering the crappola quality control at allowing those gummi things to be packed in with Djas Puhr as "guns"...

    Are we still thinking about the hideousness of Djas' sucky flimsy weapons? No. We are thinking how craptastic palsy Han Solo was...

    Now were thinking about the sucktacular guns what come with Djas.

    Okay. Now we've taken a step back and considered the sum of the plastic lump of poo that was 3PO, the gummi worm guns, and the palsified Han Solo as a whole. The wave sucked, Hasbro.

    Shame on you. (slap)
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    At least produce products that become forever warped in the package. You know what they say about a figure with a bent gun...
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    EP, you don't like the new Chewie? I thought it looked awesome! Granted, I haven't seen one out of the package, as I have no $, but I think it looks great! The Quick-draw action Han has a great facial expression, though the figure suffers from the QDA. I agree about the djas guns. although, just stuff them in the holsters, and there you go, no lookey at gunny. Oh, well, whatchagonnado?

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    The new Chewie is awesome! I never planned to use the Threepio accessory to begin with so I don't really care about that. The figure itself is quite simply one of the best figures to date.

    I don't like the super-rubbery guns either and I remember some guy who claimed to work at Hasbro saying that the rubbery plastic allowed them to get better details. I would happily take less-detailed, sturdy weapons, over highly detailed, rubbery ones. What good is all that detail when the gun is so flimsy that it won't hold it's original shape? It's a trade off, obivously, figuring out at what point the lack of detail is more objectionable than the rubbery-ness.

    Well, the rubbery-ness sucks, I prefer less-detailed, sturdier weapons.
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    The threepio lump'o'chunk accessory that comes with Chewie is missing a lower leg. All the pieces of threepio but not his lower right leg. How queer...

    Quite frankly, I now look at the episode one figures with extrememfondness as they do actually tie in with POTF2 figures. The POTJ figures may be film accurate but there's so much detail to everything that they almost negate the other figures that came earlier. I have no problem with gummi guns as such as I live in a cold country so they don't bend the same but what I do have a problem with is accessories made of gummi rubber packed in the blister in such a way asto be rendered useless before they are even out of the blister. Bent up and mishapen, warped and wobbly. Not acceptable. Bad show old bean. Just not cricket dontcha know.

    WHYOHWHYOHWHYOHWHY do these things get ruined so?


    ....Here we go, this is where I get lambasted again for being negative.....

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    Originally posted by EMPEROR JARGO

    ....Here we go, this is where I get lambasted again for being negative.....
    Is that when you are cooked in lamb juice?

    You are sooooooooo negative that it makes me want to chop your head off.

    Atually, I can understand everything that you're saying about the disparity between all the other SW figs and the new saga ones. But it's okay, because apparently they will be going back and re-doing all the old figuers with new Quick-crap action. So, you'll get all the characters you know and love, all with useless articulation, over-posed fall-down all the time legs, and magnets, magnets, magnets!!! Don't get me wrong, I like a lot of the new figures, I'm just complaining about the features I don't like. I really like Anakin HD, Tusken female, Shaak Ti, Luminara, and Jango KE, becuase of all the weapons he has!!!!

    Other than that, I'm not too about them.
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    Hey Mabudon, if you cant stand to look at your 300th Boba Fett I'd be happy to take him off your hands. Just kidding. Anyway, back to the point- I also hate the gummiguns. The sneak preview Clonetrooper's rifle bends and when you put on the blast effect, which makes the blast effect fall off too. And C-3PO carcass could be a bit sturdier too....Please give us our old rock hard weapons back. No more gummiguns. I have to say something nice to you Hasbro people...Umm...Good job on the Nexu!
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