It just strikes me that if h-bro cares at all about the older, "collector" market, why do they insist on giving us horrid, cheesy rubber guns and accessories? There is another thread (about what to do with amanaman's staff) which totally brought this, my main gripe, back in full colour.
Ever since IG88(the original one), I wished that droids were made of slightly sterner stuff.
Then the death star gunner, with that big rifle shaped glob of petroleum. Then the 9d9, with wet noodles to stand on.
THEN 300 boba fett, with the gun so deformed in the package that I can't even look at him for more than a few seconds.
I guess I'm trying to say- if they're looking to please the "collector" market as well, why not make figs with collector quality materials? I would walk through fire for a complete collection of replacement accessories for POTF2 and POTJ.
And to have droids(and one piece supporting characters) who's feet BOTH LAY FLAT ON THE GROUND would be like a dream come true- I can't help but imagine how cool a harder plastic, multi part, transforming mechanism(a bit much, but it could be done, and it would RULE) Destroyer droid would be?
C'mon, hasbro!!! It's SW, not the Gang who couldn't shoot/stand straight!! Woooooo!!!!!