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    That made me giggle..... true. We do only live in a small country about half the size of the smallest state in America. But we don't have large retail outlets like the states do with their massive malls. And the malls we do have are mega expensive and inaccessible. So we're forced to live our lives disperately and seperately. however, for those that live close by like you two and me and Pendo, it's a great place to come and share the finds. As long as people do share the finds and don't start in on the dark road of selfishness and avarice and greed and hiding stuff.....

    No need for a seperate section just a decent thread of what's been found where and maybe a mini directory of quality stores and online stores we use. Although maybe the online stores would be better left out so the Americans don't nip and bag the stuff before we get a chance

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    Err, SCOUSELAND, like, laa
    Eh up fellow Brits

    According to THE PRIVATE UNIVERSE, Forbidden Planet in Bristol have the 1st 4 Ep2 Sneak Prev figs for between 7.99 and 8.99 in stock now (already ordered mine from Toy Palace in Germany).



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    Gibbus... something or other!?!?!?

    I'm in sunny London where there seems to be a lack of toy/collector's shops, apart from FP.

    The only UK collectors club I know of is the Norwich area POTF club.

    Toy fans of the Uk unite!
    Look - I'm Princess Leia!

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    But - but you're a Southerner.......

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    Yes, and you are a Northener and I am a Midlander, what's your point?
    "Giggety giggety!"

    Jek Porky 2008

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    You're a Northerner Jek. You live North of the Watford gap so you're a Northerner. Northerners rock. Southerners are shandy drinkin' wusses

    Actually. it was meant to be taken in jest. Usually the Southerners are the ones bragging about how much better it is to live down South with all the golden opportunities and all the best facilities and stores. it was odd to hear a Southern dweller saying how they don't have many stores with collectibles. That was all......

    oh, just shoot me already!

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    Yes I know, I was just joshing you.
    "Giggety giggety!"

    Jek Porky 2008

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    Don't go too much into life beyond Watford as if a Southerner knows about the North.
    "Giggety giggety!"

    Jek Porky 2008

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    hey, just picked up something interesting at the private universe site. They've set up a direct e-mail link to ask Hasbro UK anything you might need answering. Not that hasbro UK knows it's arse from it's elbow but they probably gave TPU the information about the shuttle coming out in august.

    I have a few questions I want answering so i'm going to making full use of the facility. Seems like a gift from the gods to me.

    Check it out here TPU

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    Thanks Jargo!
    "Giggety giggety!"

    Jek Porky 2008


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