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    Is anybody going to Memorabilia at the NEC tomorrow?

    Me & the nipper are.


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    Nope. I don't go to anything like that. You going for the preview figgies? Or just to see what's going down? I suppose if you're into meeting up with other collectors it's a good place to meet. I have to say that I prefer not to meet other collectors. I like you all as virtual people but would probably not get on in the real world. well - maybe.....

    Straying slightly there...

    So no I'm not going but if you see anything worth talking about let us know eh? If you spot anything resembling a Dexter Jettster picture I want to see it. I'm dying to see that guy...

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    I know what you meen Jargo, I also wouldn't like to meet any other collectors in person. I hope I don't offend anyone here, but I don't want to be seen as a Star Wars nerd, I really only talk about my Star Wars collecting on the web with you lot and the people who supply me with the figures, but in the real world I don't really ever talk about it, mainly because my friends aren't interested and I'm not going to force it on them, I do have one friend however who loves Star Wars but he doesn't collect anymore and dosen't always want to talk about it.
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    Memorabilia was EXCELLENT.

    Even got Dave Prowse to sign my Emporer's Wrath Vader.....



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    I had a great time at Memorabilia too, though driving there was a nightmare, I nearly got blown off the road twice!

    I managed to complete my SOTE collection as well as picking up a few other goodies.

    Gibbspaulus mentioned a Norwich collectors club - does anyone have any info on it? I'm in Norwich and I've never heard of it.

    Also, I noticed yesterday that Big W (woolworths) has started making shelf space for EP2 Lego, so it must be hitting the shelves soon.

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    POTF Norwich

    If you do a serch for POTF and Norwich then you should fins their web page, The next meeting is on Friday night. I was going but can't make it now.
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    Updated with pics......



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    Keep the British Bulldog flying Anyway, Silver Aniversary Toy fare Vader just found at Memoribilia for 300 So I just had to buy it .... not!
    And the Yanks think they get scalped. Come on Hasbro, either give us Brits a chance of getting such exclusives at retail prices, or include free plane tickets with all AOTC figures
    Wipe them out. All of them.

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    Just saw the Teebo wave at my local Forbidden Planet for 8.99 each, they had the peel off Hasbro UK sticker on the back of each. These baby's were flying off the shelve's but I passed on them though, a friend has them coming next week slightly cheaper. (I HOPE).


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