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    Rise of Cobra-style Jinx and Friend

    Nothing super special here.

    I read on one of the Joe sites that someone made a Jinx figure with a 25th Anniversary Eel head and RoC Scarlett body. I've been wanting to do the same since the Helix figure came out, because I pictured the two of them paired up on missions. The head fits perfectly with no modification. I took a sword from Paris Pursuit Snake-Eyes, and have a Rise of Cobra-style Jinx. I'd like to give her a staff or halberd weapon, but I don't have one in mind right off. I'll admit I'm cheating, I haven't yet painted the neck peg black, but since it doesn't show in the picture . . .

    Second, I purchased a Marion Ravenwood figure some time ago to put the head on a Bultar Swan body for a Jedi knight. For whatever reason, the head struck me as looking a bit like Eliza Dushku from Buffy, Tru Calling, Dollhouse, etc. I found myself thinking that I could work on a back story to bring her character, Echo, from Dollhouse into the Joeverse and I mentally threw her in the same boat with Jinx and Helix. Oddly, after having purchased a new Marion head, this one looks nothing like Dushku, and I thank the inconsistent paint work on Indiana Jones figures. The Marion head sits too tall on the neck (slightly) and the neck is too thin. Right now, it's just resting on top of the neck, and I haven't decided how I might secure it. I don't want to do anything too drastic with the head, because I very much have decided I would like to give the character a City Strike Scarlett body when that figure comes out. Her belt, sword, and gun are from City Strike Snake-Eyes. I have yet to paint the belt black.

    As far as Helix goes, the figure here is completely unmodified, but I really don't like the kitchen knife she comes with (it looks like an unserrated bread knife), so I gave her a Paris Pursuit Snake-Eyes sword as well.

    The backstory for Hawk's Angels (as I jokingly call them):

    Helix's backstory is mostly what you get from the comics. She's a special project of Hawk's. She's a savant in combat. All I've added is that she was brought on partially because of her knowledge of the Shimoto Syndicate of ninjas (I'll get to their backstory later).

    Echo was a project of Dr. Mindbender's. After discovering Serpentor was not the product of his scientific knowledge, Dr. Mindbender has been working on the side to prove he could do just as well on his own. Rather than working the biological angle of creating the perfect leader, he decided to work the psychological angle. He began combining memories, knowledge, and expertise and imprinting them on the minds of test subjects whose own memories and identities were wiped. Almost all of these subjects went mad, most of them violently, but one subject proved stable enough to accept the imprinting. The subject, codnamed simply Echo, proved stable, and work was to progress on learning how and why she was different. But she escaped. The Joes, who had learned about Echo and were keeping on eye on the project, were able to pick her up, and after batteries of psychological tests, she has just been cleared for limited field work. There is an ongoing investigation into Echo's real identity, but Cobra has gone to a great deal of trouble to hide her origin.

    Riding heard on these two wildcards is Jinx. Hawk naturally felt Snake-Eyes was the logical choice for keeping up with these two, but Snake-Eyes suggested Jinx, and Hawk approved.

    The Shimoto Syndicate: I'll copy and paste my backstory from the Joe movie figures thread in this thread. In my back story for movie Storm Shadow figures, Cobra Commander got sick of the politics of the Arashikage, so no more Red Ninjas, Ninja-Ku, etc. He decided the Night Creepers with their MBAs and penchant for expensive high-tech devices were pricing themselves out of his budget. Then he decided to call it quits with the Ninja Vipers, which he finally admitted were a poor man's answer to his ninja fetish and were basically just Vipers who had a little more martial arts training than the next guy whose job was simply to shoot and get shot at. Enter the Shimoto Sindicate, which was willing to work exclusively for Cobra and support themselves outside of Cobra's supply system. Their price was right, their competency high, and Cobra Commander didn't have to worry about any of them randomly becoming Joes at inopportune times.

    I used an unmasked RoC Storm Shadow as the leader of the Shimoto Syndicate. He is simply called Shimoto. It's unknown whether that is a family name and the Shimoto Syndicate is a family business or if it is just what the leader of the Syndicate is called. I have two masked RoC Storm Shadow figures as nondescript foot soldiers, and I have two Arctic Threat Storm Shadow figures as either other nondescript soldiers or possibly special members of the Syndicate.
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    I picked up the Jinx figure recently and am trying to customize her into an Emperor's Hand figure. It was the head sculpt that did it.

    I started painting the body but haven't been too satisfied with the job. I might try another body, like the Deena Shan black body.


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