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    Thrill of the hunt...

    Okay, I admit, I love the thrill of the hunt, I always have. The hunt is a big part of why I collect.

    Over the last few years I have given up collecting Hasbro in favor of Koto/GG. My collecting habits have changed, and I no longer "gotta have it now". Instead I have learned that patients is the key to finding good deals.

    So now my "hunting" revolves around finding good deals on higher end stuff.

    To that end I have recently found most of the Koto Bounty Hunters for less than 1/2 the original retail price, $45.00 or less in some cases! Additionally I have found GG scale helmets for $20.00 or so and scale weapons for $20-$30!

    Yes, the thrill of the hunt continues, but the hunt has changed.
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    Congrats, but many times these low prices are available to US fans only - even if I get a low price item, I might have to pay huge international shipping cost.

    Anyway the hunt is here for me as well, I managed to complete my GG statue collection with 2 of my most wanted items: Dewback & Sandtrooper and Scout on Speederbike statues. I also got 2 more Imperial items that I wanted badly: MR AT-AT Signature Edition and code 3 AT-ST. I still need to find a Kotobukiya Vader from the BH set but for a good price.
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    Good point sk99, the hunt has indeed changed. The change from resourcing the locations of stores and arrivals of figure assortments to company shipping schedules, delays, and edition numbers. Its changed a lot the last few years.
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