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    I will cross my fingers for a Sail Barge, which is one of the few vehicles I'd seriously consider at $100.
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    Based on the Q & A answers over the past 2 years, I believe Hasbro has said they would not make a troop transport or the sail barge.

    At first I thought this might be a new shuttle - a mod of the tooling for the Imperial shuttle to fit Palpatine's shuttle or something from the CW series. But I can see Hasbro saying that a new shuttle just isn't aggressive enough of an action vehicle to make the cut this time around.

    Have all the larger action vehicles from the prequels / CW series been produced now? If not, what's left?

    If I had to bet, I'd guess it would be an AT-AT using most of the original tooling with some slight upgrades. It would have to be featured in an upcoming CW episode this season though, and I don't know how realistic that is. The BMF from 2 years ago sold because it was so iconic that kids and collectors would both go after it. The AT-TE and Turbo Tank have sold because of their prominence in the movies and CW cartoon. Without major screen time in the CW cartoon to keep the vehicle fresh in kids' heads, I'm not sure how well a new AT-AT will sell.

    I have my original from 1980 and it's still holding up fine. I honestly don't think I'd be interested in dropping $100 for an additional one...

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    The vintage AT-AT mold looks like garbage. If Hasbro doesn't make a new one from scratch, then my collection will just do without an AT-AT. That's how much I dislike the vintage toy.

    I can pretty much guarantee that we won't see an AT-AT in the CW cartoon, but that doesn't mean it won't get made as a toy. It's nearly as iconic as the Millenium Falcon, so recognizability won't be a problem.
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    Quote Originally Posted by El Chuxter View Post
    I will cross my fingers for a Sail Barge, which is one of the few vehicles I'd seriously consider at $100.
    They said it would need more entertainment support. It appeared briefly in The Clone Wars movie. It's confirmed that the Hutts are showing up again in the series at some point. Let's all hope those episodes involve tons of Sail Barge-related action . . .
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    I would buy a sail barge for sure.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bigbarada View Post
    The 1997 AT-AT was actually $79.99 and the 2006 Endor AT-AT was $89.99.

    I don't even see how the Slave 1 would qualify as a super deluxe vehicle. I guess they could make it correctly scaled, but what's the point of that? Only those hardcore Boba Fett nuts are really going to care. And it's definitely not a toy that is going to excite kids.

    A $100 Rebel Troop Transport would be the death of the super deluxe vehicle line.
    Wasn't the Endor AT-AT a TRU exclusive? If I'm right on that, then the $90 price point has to take their markup into consideration, making it a $65 - $70 toy if it had seen non-exclusive distribution.

    I don't see Slave 1 as being a $100 toy either. They could beef up the scale and make it a $65 ship, but the $100 range would kill it as quickly as a troop transport.

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    I'm no Fett fanatic, but I'd easily buy a $100 Slave I if done correctly. Sure, it would seem a little high to me but the only one I've got is the one from 1996 and that one looks like trash. Though, I'm pretty sure in a recent Q&A they said they didn't have one in the works right now any. But, with the way they like to play with the language to misdirect in the Q&As (the way the did with the Cloud Car) it's possible I've misinterpreted. The AT-AT would be another great vehicle, though why it's release wasn't timed with the ESB wave that included the driver and Luke with grappling gun is puzzling. If it is coming it's probably being timed to release with the new snowspeeder.... I doubt we'll see pics until Toy Fair, only about a month away.
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    I recently pulled my '96 Slave 1 out of storage, and you're right - it does look rather like crap. I think we are due for a resculpt, but I just don't see $100 for one being a viable option for Hasbro. I could be wrong though and I'll gladly admit it if I am.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. JabbaJohnL View Post
    The "super deluxe vehicle" could be something from The Clone Wars (or, rather, a CW vehicle might be released this way). I didn't realize it until now, but the $65 deluxe vehicle pricepoint isn't on there . . . I think that's pretty telling. Thanks, ARC-170! The comic packs aren't on there, either, so I guess this is going to be a reset starting after those final few turds have been pushed out.
    It is really too bad that the $60-$70 vehicles didn't make it. That had some great potential for some good size fighters and such. This line is kind of where I expected to see the Twilight. Oh well.

    I am wondering what the $100 vehicle will be as well. I would hope that it will not be a re-release of the AT-TE or Turbo Tank and would gladly take a new AT-AT. The idea of a $100 Slave I seems over the top but I would buy it. Although Hasbro has said no way I would also take a Twilight in this scale. Besides the Y-Wing it is the only cartoon Clone Wars ship I would pick up.
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    I'd go for a Twilight as well. If Hasbro really isn't going to produce it, it doesn't make much sense to me. With the visibility of the ship in the movie and several episodes it seems like it should be a sure thing.


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