From Bantha Skull:
087-06-1335 Saga Legends Basic $7.99
087-06-1339 CW Basic $7.99
087-06-1343 SW Transformers $16.99
087-06-1345 3.75 Battle Pack $24.99
087-06-1347 CW Starfighter $24.99
087-06-1351 3.75 VINTAGE $7.99
087-06-1401 Galactic Heroes $6.99
087-06-1402 DLX Fig and vehicle $16.99
087-06-1478 Elec Lightsaber $19.99
087-06-1491 Basic Lightsaber $9.99
087-06-1497 HAILFIRE RC vehicle $59.99
087-06-1503 SUPER DLX VEHICLE $99.99 **
087-06-1527 MEGABATTLER 10in FIG $19.99
087-06-1605 MANDALORIAN HELMET $34.99
087-06-1622 GREIVOUS LIGHTSABER $34.99
The three figure lines - seen here as Saga Legends, CW, and Vintage - are all new DCPI numbers, meaning the current stock will be cleared out before the new stock gets in (which occurred in many of the other package changeovers but not this past year, which resulted in us still seeing white-and-blue figures alongside the white-and-red ones). So, thankfully, we'll get a clean slate with no Saesee Tiins, Plo Koons, or Malakilis.

Anyway, the most interesting items are the $7.99 "3.75 VINTAGE" and "$99.99 SUPER DLX VEHICLE." Does this mean we'll be seeing vintage-style packaging on all new figures next year? If so, I think this could really help boost the line, but I don't want to get anyone's hopes up. But I think it would make sense to do this, as it would probably reinvigorate many lost collectors. But, again, who knows. It could just be a generic name for the line that's going to replace Legacy.

As for the "Super Deluxe Vehicle", I suppose that means we'll either get another brand-new big ship or a rerelease of the Turbo Tank and/or AT-TE. Hopefully it's a new thing. Could it be an AT-AT? Who knows.

The list also lends credibility to a picture that leaked recently of a big Captain Rex figure in the style of those goofy ROTS Force Battlers; I suppose that would be the "Megabattler 10 in figure".

In somewhat crappy news, I guess, the figure prices seemed to have jumped 50 cents (depending on your store, this might be lower) and the deluxe line is jumping a dollar. Well, I guess you gotta take the good with the bad.