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    What is your SSG history?

    I was curious about how people all found SSG and how they got involved. As for myself I have been following Sirsteve since 1995/96 when I found his site Wow, it was some of my first tinkering on the internet actually. I remember seeing the new POTF Red Card figures at the store, (originally on the side of a cereal box that prompted me to go to the store) I was so excited that I had wanted to show my dad but he doesnt go anywhere. Being new in '95 to the web I used a program called "webcrawler" to do a search for star wars figures and violla, I sound Sir Steve's site and showed my dad and soon many of my friends the new line. I didnt become a registered user on his site until 2002, I honestly couldn't tell you why, but I have been here for reading and reference for 15 year now. Wow, time flies.
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    I first started looking at the site when the Episode I figures were being leaked on the internet. I joined the boards much later. I keep trying to get banned, but I just can't cross that line (yet)....
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    [FONT=Courier New]I joined up summer 2008 after a few years of on again off again reading various collector sites and picked this one because it seemed to be the most organized and friendliest.[/FONT]
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    On the news/frontpage side of things I appreciate how this site uses facts, announcements/press releases, and doesn't post rumor as fact.
    Star Wars & GI Joe Customs
    HAVES: HK-50 Head, Capt Typho & GI Joe fodder available still
    Wants:L8-L9 Head, YVH-1 Complete (as possible),R7-T1 Complete (as possible),R7-Z0 Complete (as possible)

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    My first SSG exposure came while searching the web for images of new Galactic Heroes around Christmas time 2008. I registered in Jan 2009 (wow it's been a year now!) Nowadays, this is my second stop after checking my email every day. I don't have any friends or family that appreciate Star Wars, or my slight obsession with it, so I enjoy having an outlet where people don't just roll their eyes at me when I start talking about it. I don't consider myself a "hardcore" collector, but I enjoy the insights and opinions of those who are. It's fun to interact with Star Wars fans from all over

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    I found this site, I believe, in late 1998, around Thanksgiving or a bit before that. I also searched for "Star Wars figures" and was directed here, which I think had the black-and-purple scheme at the time (though that might have been another site entirely . . . I'm not sure). So I was 8, and now I'm 20. I remember seeing prototypes for the Episode I figures (I think it was on here) along with things like the Swamp Skeeto, which never came to be. I joined the forums a little bit after that, then rejoined after the upgrade a few years later, and there you go.
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    We've done this thread before somewhere, but I don't remember where so I guess here we go again. The very first time I went on the internet was a pay station computer at a restaurant, I was there for work, and after I had done what I was there for, I searched Alta Vista (that was the best search engine at the time) for Star Wars figures, and SSG was among the first sites to come up. That was I think the black & purple days, it was a sub-site on JediNet IIRC. I kept coming back once I got my own computer, and eventually sent in some freelance photos and reporting in '98 until I finally joined the staff as a reporter/editor in April of '99. I stayed out of the live chat and forums for about 6 months though, as I had other worlds I was into already and knew they were time-killers. Eventually, I jumped in around late '99 or early 2000.
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    How did a pay station at a restaurant work in those days? Hopefully you didn't pay by the minute in the age of dial-up? That would really suck. Come to find out it took you three hours to download a 1-page TXT document at $1/5 minutes....
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    I found SSG on probably google back in 2002 when looking for SW stuff. I liked the people that posted here, but lurked around for 4 yrs before joining in 06.

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    I started lurking around the '95/'96 era when I found the site on a Google search looking for info on the "new" SW figures for my then 6-year-old son. I think I officially joined the Old Forums around '97.....but we'll never know that date for sure.
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