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    What is your Favorite Sideshow figure?

    Hey guys!

    I was a huge Star Wars collector in the 90's(POTF2 baby!), but once 2K came around, I lost intrest in the figures. My passion for Star Wars never left me however, and watch the films at least 4 times a year..including the Prequals, that I love just as much as the originals.

    But last month, I saw just how great the Sideshow figures looked, when I saw a youtube video review for Plo Koon, and I was bitten by the SS bug! So I'm VERY happy to say I'm back in the Star Wars hunt!

    Just got my first two figures today in the mail, which are Sidious and Palpatine, and will be getting Bespin Luke tomarrow. And WHOA! I'm blown away by these things. LOVE the wire in the hood, LOVE the cloth outfits, and the articulation is wonderful, as well as those head sculpts!(or are they scanned?)

    So, I was just wondering, what is your favorite Sideshow figure? Don't have to be Star Wars. Mine so far is Sidious, but will most likely change with my man Bib.

    Thanks for reading, and hopefully replying with your fav!!
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    Since I can't pick just one, here's a few of mine...

    Obi-Wan Kenobi (ROTS)
    Ben Obi-Wan Kenobi (ANH)
    Darth Sidious
    Commandr Praji
    Indiana Jones (ROTLA)
    Henry Jones
    Kit Fisto
    The Monster (Boris Karloff from Bride of Frankenstein)
    Christopher Lee as Francisco Scaramanga (from Sideshow's 007 line)
    Sean Connery as James Bond (Dr. No)
    Roger Moore as James Bond (Man with the Golden Gun)
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    Probably Gandalf. But I love my PotA Cornelius and Zira!

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    Great picks from both of you. I've seen reviews for most you to mentioned, and just about all are on my want list(minus 007 stuff). The Indiana Jones, and Apes figures look GREAT.

    Jay...Commander Praji is good aye? I was not sure if I wanted to add him to my collection or not, looked a tad plain, but since you added him to your favorites, maybe I should rethink that.

    Fossil, Yeah, I'm a HUGE LOTR fan, but man that Gandalf is out of my league price wise . Your lucky to have him. Just got Bespin Luke today, and again I'm blown away. Just can't stop looking at him. Funny, you can even see all of his Moles . AWESOME.
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    I'm with Jayspawn...I can't pick just one. There are so many of these figures I've really enjoyed.
    Among SOME of my favorites are:

    • AOTC Obi-Wan Kenobi
    • ANH Darth Vader
    • ANH Obi-Wan Kenobi
    • ROTA Indiana Jones
    • Republic Clone Trooper - 212th Battlion -Utapau

    ...and that's just a few!

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    God Jedibear, what kind of camera do you use? Those shots are FABULOUS. My gallery sucks jawa turds.
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    I think Sideshow peaked with the Ep. III Obi & Anakin(a dead tie there)...haven't been blown away too much since then since Hot Toys(see bottom of boxes) has partnered with SSC on the armored guys. I have a real soft spot for Astronaut Taylor from POTA. Hot Toys is, and will remain my favorite manufacturer of 1/6th scale...period.
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    Hot Toys is terrific, no doubt there. And I'll pick one up occasionally when I can but those buggers are quite costly...and Sideshow can still crank out a good product I can more afford now & then... camera is just a small Sony Cyber-Shot...glad you like the pics.

    Just got Henry Jones Sr....and this one is definitely one of Sideshow's finer efforts...he's excellent.


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