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    Please post your VOTE for up to 6 {six} of the questions provided in this thread, letting us know which ones you most want to see asked on February 5th. Keep in mind that your votes in round 78 do not count in this round, so if your question is still on the list you may want to vote for it again.

    Also, feel free to post new questions. For reference, here are Hasbro's answers to previous SSG questions; and from other sites. The questions we asked last round can be found here.

    Current questions (vote for up to 6):

    1. - In a recent Q&A, you mentioned that "[Hasbro] will continue working with Sideshow on their 12" figure program." As we know, Sideshow sub-licenses their 12" Star Wars through Hasbro's Star Wars license, but the intricacies of this relationship are not fully understood. With your recent comment above, collectors are ever more curious as to how exactly Hasbro and Sideshow work together on that 12" figure line. What types of input and interaction does Hasbro have into the Star Wars items that Sideshow produces?
    2. - Beyond Star Wars, many other franchises have tried their hand at Titanium Series - Battlestar Galactica, Indiana Jones, Marvel, Transformers, even Stargate was floated as being in some level of planning - yet they all eventually faded away from Titanium Series' light. What lessons has the Titanium Series team taken away from those other licenses' lines and their passings? For example, how did the Stargate line not come to be? Or you put off the wave with the BSG Basestar and couldn't find a slot for this new tooling before the license ran out, yet you released a Starbuck repaint of the Viper mk 2 at the proverbial 11th hour (and didn't hit shelves until the 13th hour), an unusual distinction which fans don't really understand, and could use more behind-the-scenes insight into - why didn't that Basestar tooling get shoehorned into a later wave before the license with Universal ran out? Why release a repaint vehicle that won't satisfy fans as much, rather than an all-new mold which fans have been clamoring for?
    3. - What was the decision making process behind creating a Jabba the Hutt animated figure instead of a Ziro the Hutt figure? Ziro has appeared in the Clone Wars series more than Jabba so far, and his animated behavior fits the Clone Wars animated series better than Jabba. Was it merely the character recognizability of Jabba, or the fact that you had existing accessories for him, or was the idea of an evil Truman Capote Hutt just too out-there for ya?
    4. - Has there been any thought to creating a repaint of Clone Wars C-3PO in his "Droids" cartoon coloring? This mold is already fairly cartoony in design and realization. It would make a nifty collectible for fans of the classic cartoon, yet also could work for new collectors unfamiliar with the series as an alternate protocol droid with a unique color scheme. Any chance of seeing this happen from Hasbro, or would it have to show up in the new cartoon first to even be considered?
    5. - The Clone Wars line has been a boon for its droid designs, but is following suit from the realistic lines with the sagging leg problems. This is especially noticeable on Clone Wars Battle Droids and General Grievous. Yet in the same line, IG-86 and the Commando Droid don't suffer this, the difference being that they have ankle joints while the BD and Grievous figures do not. It seems like the joints take stress off the thin leg elements helping cope with wilting issues, and that's a pretty big deal. Obviously including either knee or ankle articulation on them isn't a cheap undertaking, but it seems like a necessary one in the scheme of things since if a figure can't stand up, it's going to be far less fun. Any possibility of including one type of lower leg articulation or another on future versions of these figures as this partial solution to this long-time problem?
    6. - One of your answers in the September 10th round mentioned that R2-X2 is a corrected version of the droid that came in the Entertainment Earth Exclusive set. Another figure in one of those sets, R3-T2, was also painted incorrectly in comparison to its onscreen counterpart. The version you released had a white dome with a metallic brown stripe, while it should have a red dome with white panels. Are there any plans to release a corrected version of R3-T2 down the line?
    7. - Have you considered sealing magnets into figures' feet and including metal stands to avoid the numerous problems that have come up with footpeg holes over the years? Kotobukiya is doing that with their new ARTFX+ line of statue kits to great success, and although 3.75" figures are a smaller medium, magnetic feet would go well with your action figure line with all its challenges keeping figures standing.
    8. - We've now seen Hasbro imagery of deluxe Anakin with Desert Sport Skiff, and us old-fogey collectors who have been around since 1996 are quite surprised to see that accessory's return. It wasn't exactly popular back in the day, its styling wasn't that Star Warsy, and its wobbly guns didn't help much, yet now we have it back for a whole new generation of Star Wars collectors. The other 1996 deluxe releases - Crowd Control Stormtrooper, Han Solo with Flight Pack, and Boba Fett with Mega Jetpack of Doom - weren't exactly crowd-pleasers either, but will we be seeing any of them re-released? Though the idea of a small vehicle for Anakin makes sense, re-releasing this piece seems like such an odd choice. Could you guide us through the thought process on this one? Did the failure of the original influence the decision at all?
    9. - With the Wedge Antilles X-wing Fighter set, you have a great-looking boxed set there, but it's marred by one odd choice: the nifty kill-marks are printed on white paper stickers rather than clear transparent ones, which look terrible on the ship. Why go with the white-backed stickers over the transparent ones? If this was a factory error, and we're hoping it is, will there be a reissued set of stickers on clear backing?
    10. - On the latest TIE Interceptor's packaging, the box art on the front has a highly-detailed ship which is not actually representing the toy, the back of the box imagery does that. However, while the new cockpit pod is a great improvement, that art highlights the wings being the same existing designs we've had for the last 3 decades, and their size and lack of detail really shows compared to the new pod. Granted, you've just released a TIE Interceptor so it's not like we're going to see new wings next week. But hypothetically, how far in the future might fans have to wait to get a set of updated TIE Interceptor wings to match the quality of the new pod?
    11. - With the 2008 Medical Frigate Luke figure, the figure almost fits the bill for Echo Base recovery scene Luke, if not for the open mechanical arm, and the different likeness with scars and Hoth hairstyle. That scene also has 2 other characters whose figures are in dire need of updating: Leia Hoth, and 2-1B, both of which haven't seen new figure designs in over a decade. With a Recovery Luke figure, it'd just be a new head required (the body and undamaged forearm tooling already exists from the VOTC figure) so you could also include the mask he wore in that scene's less-infamous cut footage (we're not asking you to make kissing Luke & Leia, you'll have to decide if you're twisted enough to go there ;-) ). So, any chances of knocking the Echo Base Recovery scene out of the park by making new 2-1B, Leia Hoth, and Luke recovery figures?
    12. - The Resurgence of the Jedi battle pack has a new ANH Luke Skywalker and already fans are enjoying the new likeness and the torso design, but the other elements have some issues. The VOTC Luke's legs were used here, and they seem too small for this figure, under proportion compared to the upper body. Also, the plastic "skirt" is rather stiff, preventing the figure from sitting down, extra frustrating since this scene he's sitting down most of the time. And the head deco is odd, cast in white plastic and then painted. Might a future ANH Luke figure address these problems while still using the head and torso sculpts?
    13. - As you now know, the recent Commander Cody figure has left the factory with his belt upside-down, an occurrence which has proved far too common over the last 5 years of ROTS phase 2 trooper armor figures. This is a relatively small thing, but common enough that it warrants asking about. So, would it be possible for you to redesign the trooper belt system so that there was some sort of offset notch or directional block which forces assembly on the belts to work only in the proper orientation? That way, the factory workers wouldn't need to see the visual minutiae that defines the belt as right-side-up or not.
    14. - Don't think we haven't noticed that some of your exclusives are playing a color-scheme war. Target, whose company logo is a big red bulls-eye, gets a red-accented TIE Fighter vehicle; Wal-mart, whose logo has been blue lettering for decades, gets a blue Octuptarra Droid vehicle. Wal-mart gets a blue 501st role-play helmet; Target gets a red Clone Trooper helmet with flashlight. Target gets Commander Fox, a red-hued Clone figure; Wal-mart gets the 501st Clone Trooper, a blue-accented figure. Confess! You're creating some of these exclusives with coloring themed to its specific retailer, aren't you? "Payola!" they'll all yell to the heavens as they learn of such treachery. Busted! So, are you guys doing this on purpose, and if so, how did it come up? Do your retail partners know that they're getting specially-tailored exclusives as are their rivals, and what do they think of it?
    15. - Regarding the head on the Cloud City Wing Guard figure, the cardback bio suggests this is supposed to be Sgt. Edian, yet while the coloring is a black person's and Edian is a black man, the sculpt is clearly that of a white guy. Everything about the head sculpt, even the part in the hair, is a different guy given a dark brown deco. While it could be seen technically as an update to the vintage black Bespin Security Guard on skin tone alone, the features and cardback on that Kenner figure were clearly Edian and were differentiated from the other Kenner white Bespin Guard figure. In fact, there is some similarity to another guard, Sgt. Merril, an older white man. Was the original idea to produce a Merril figure and that looked too similar to the planned Utris M'Toc so his ethnicity was changed? Why was this new Edian figure given a white guy's face sculpt? Any chance we'll see this head sculpt again as Sgt. Merril, and a new, more accurate Sgt. Edian sculpt in the future?
    16. - Mace Windu has been represented in action figure form for 11 years now, and a large portion of those figures were released with some unique, non-standard aspect. Mace has been the first "sneak peek" and a mail-away in the modern line, the first hard-shell "choco" robe, AOTC had a deluxe before basic which has a smiling face and a second figure, AOTC basic had the screaming face, 2003 AOTC basic had the "ultimate lightsaber control" stick gimmick, ROTS had the Force Lightning throw-off gimmick, and now the Clone Wars version with removable armor and saber-swinging waist. While there have been a few normal Mace figures, and even a super-articulated one finally, it seems as if Mace Windu has been tapped by Hasbro to be the sculpting and gimmick guinea pig. Is this pattern intentional, do you think he can't sell without these sorts of things, is it just happenstance, or does someone there subliminally not realize they keep picking Mace to be the test guy?
    17. - It's been 6 years since the last Luke Hoth Gear figure. While that was a nifty item for its time, its sculpt and articulation is specific to 1 part of the movie. Any chance of us getting an updated Luke Hoth, perhaps with a swappable likeness to represent before and after the Wampa attack? We know you usually would prefer to do this via a running change, but after the myriad of running-change-figure problems you had recently, it seems like a troubled route to take, especially with such an important character such as this.
    18. - Most of Emperor Palpatine's scenes from ROTJ feature him seated in his throne, which hasn't been released in 13 years. That release, the "Final Jedi Duel" Cinema Scene, suffers by comparison with newer items in its relative lack of detailing and permanent attachment to the extended base from that set. Have you considered, or would you consider now that we brought it up, an improved version of the throne which would ideally have more detailed controls, a swivel base (that's not several inches long), and Luke's lightsaber hilt (with a spot to put it on the arm)? Oh, and while we're at it, what about an Emperor who can sit in it as well as he stands?
    19. - Usually, the only figures whose heads are painted rather than cast in flesh-tone plastic are those with a sculpted helmet, hood or large hair so the plastic matches the majority of the head. Though understandable, those painted faces aren't always that successful, noses are rubbed off by packaging, paint masks miss targets and either over- or under-shoot, and the facial features don't look as crisp. Recently though, this has crept onto regular figures without hoods or the like. Evolutions Jango Fett is supposed to be a premium figure but has this - yes, it's likely a costing issue since it'd be the only flesh-toned part on the figure, but this is supposed to be a definitive version. Col Dyer from the Battle for Endor battle pack has flesh hands yet a painted head. And now Luke Tatooine from the Resurgence of the Jedi pack is the same way, that's an iconic figure with an impressive new sculpt, yet its sullied by the painted head syndrome. Maybe it's fine for kids, but these are collector-themed figures we're talking about, and it's sloppily applied and prone to the problems mentioned above, not to mention it softens the sculpted facial features you guys work hard to produce. So why use painted heads on those sorts of figures? Will there be a focus to lean on this less in the future? Might those Jango and Luke figures get cast instead of painted heads on their next runs?
    20. - Although the Cruisemissile Trooper vehicle has its share of detractors, including those at Hasbro, the concept and design have some fun and interesting toy merits, though not fully realized. Perhaps the original design could be embellished and resized to fit into either the current Deluxe Figure & Vehicle pricepoint or a Battle Pack or other another medium (maybe even a Starfighter pricepoint perhaps). And of course, this time around it could have a removable pilot and cooler features to make it a fun new vehicle with unique Star Wars credibility. Would Hasbro ever consider making an update to this vehicle with design and features befitting the modern line? With the Deluxe Figure & Vehicle line seemingly doing well and taking other weird risks like the Desert Sport Skiff, would you think that the right place for it?
    21. - While we know that the readership of ToyFare Magazine and its parent company, Wizard, are not chiefly a Star Wars collecting-oriented group which can give weird results like the 2006 EU-centric Fans Choice poll, it seems like the most recent Fans Choice poll results are arousing even more raised eyebrows and suspicions among the collecting community. Certain characters seem to have come out of nowhere to claim top spots, and the website which ToyFare ran the poll seemed to have no obvious safeguards against ballot-stuffing. To quell fans suspicions on this, where there safeguards in place to prevent overzealous fans from flooding the poll with votes? We know it's just a toy line, but obviously collectors take it seriously, so what can you tell fans to satisfy their concerns about the poll's veracity, that this is truly all of their choices, and not just the choices of a few unscrupulous fanatics?
    22. - Many collectors are reporting their local stores' Star Wars pegs clogged with slow-moving Saga Legends figures, stagnating and choking out Legacy Droid Factory basic figures. Recently, Wal-mart and Target stores have been selling "blockbuster value" buy-1-get-1-free 2packs of Saga Legends basic cards alongside the 2packs of Legacy basics. And now your site is offering a promotion where the purchase of many of the Role Play toys will get 3 free Saga Legends figures. Is the future of Saga Legends perhaps not as bright as had originally been forecasted? If not, why the incidents mentioned above? We already know that the main line in 2010 will be more a mix of Greatest Hits and have vintage-themed packaging which will help differentiate it from Clone Wars, so how will Saga Legends fit into that, and will it be scaled back so as to not overwhelm the pegs? Will we see a quicker rotation of product so to avoid pegwarmers like Saesee Tiin or character crossovers into Clone Wars and Legacy like Plo Koon?

    Vote now, and suggest new questions too. Thanks for participating!

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    4, 6, 12. That last round was quick, are we supposed to get another set of answers before the end of the year?

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    Quote Originally Posted by vger View Post
    4, 6, 12. That last round was quick, are we supposed to get another set of answers before the end of the year?
    In theory, we're supposed to get a round of answers today. The last round's answers were delayed so long though that they only came in 8 days ago. At this point, I really don't know what to expect.
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

    Kylo Ren - came from Space Brooklyn, although he moved to Space Williamsburg before it was trendy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JediTricks View Post
    I think I'd need more main line examples [of painted faces] to make a case that it's a common problem. Unfortunately, the multi-figure sets often do have to shave budgets, that Mara one drove me nuts, but even in those sorts of things there aren't that many. LMK what else you come up with.
    I could give you a few more from comic packs or battle packs, but not from basic figures - the only one I can cite is General Veers, who's not exactly new.

    I didn't actually say it was a common problem, just that it was starting to creep into regular figures (not necessarily from the main line) - I guess it's just unfortunate (for me) that two important figures, ANH Luke and Jango, which should be definitive versions (finally, after 14 years of substandard Lukes) were marred by painted faces. Well, I'll know for sure about the Luke this time next week, so I'll let you know.

    I'll also be able to get my hands on all the figures from waves 8, 9, 10 and 11 next week, which were all hidden away from me as soon as they arrived, so I'll check for any more offenders then (though I don't think there are any from pics I've seen).
    Big thanks to DarkJedi5, TheRealDubya, obi-dad, morpheus282, Tycho and Kidhuman for great deals/trades.

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    I misunderstood what you meant by "regular" heads, I think of the main line of basic figures as "regular", but I do grant your terminology makes sense in light of the "cowled/non-cowled" discussion. I guess go ahead and craft a question, but keep in mind, we need to bulletproof it from the reality that it's cheaper for them to paint it than cast it when it's not a mainline basic; oh, and that it doesn't seem to be the case that Luke Resurgence has a painted head.

    Just got word that we'll be receiving answers to round 77 next week instead of today. As for when 78 gets answered, no news yet.
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

    Kylo Ren - came from Space Brooklyn, although he moved to Space Williamsburg before it was trendy.

    The use of a lightsaber does not make one a Jedi, it is the ability to not use it.

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    I really hope you're right about the Luke, but I'm still not totally convinced. I'll try and put a question together, but will probably wait till I know for sure about Luke, since that's my main bugbear right now, and I reckon it will make my question stronger if it involves such a pivotal figure.
    Big thanks to DarkJedi5, TheRealDubya, obi-dad, morpheus282, Tycho and Kidhuman for great deals/trades.

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    Question 13 added.

    It's mine, based on something they said in the last round to another site about Cody's belt being upside-down yet again. I won't be surprised if it doesn't get much traction with you guys though.
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

    Kylo Ren - came from Space Brooklyn, although he moved to Space Williamsburg before it was trendy.

    The use of a lightsaber does not make one a Jedi, it is the ability to not use it.

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    I vote for 7, 10, and 13 for now.

    Does anyone know if Cad Bane's head will fit on a trooper body? I really like the head sculpt but dislike Cad's anorexic body. This is really holding me back from picking up this figure. I'd really like to use the head sculpt on a movie/legavy body but CW woiuld suffice. Maybe Hasbro could cobble up a future release of him in clone armor if the head doesn't fit another body.
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    It will fit on a clone body that has a removable helmet, but the helmet won't fit over the head due to the hoses sticking out of the cheeks.
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

    Kylo Ren - came from Space Brooklyn, although he moved to Space Williamsburg before it was trendy.

    The use of a lightsaber does not make one a Jedi, it is the ability to not use it.


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