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    Where are the Ryloth Blasters?

    I have a problem. I bought my son the Ryloth Pack a few months back. It came with two extra blasters for one of the clones holster. My nephew loved it so much that I bought him a set for Xmas. Now 5 returns later from 4 Target Stores there are no blasters to be found in any of those sets. I dont know is Hasbro has errored or if there is a blaster thief on the loose. Either way I am disgusted and I am trying to find out what I should do, any ideas?

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    I know where they are supposed to be... Either hasbro has screwed up or there are thieves on the loose. So damned frustrating. I think its thieves as I have seen so many battle packs with switched figures and so on. Its just so disgusting!!!!!!

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    Did you open up the sets or just look in there casually? It's possible the baggie got jostled around in there. If that's not the case, then you could e-mail Hasbro through their website and ask for replacements.

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    At this point, Hasbro should really just start selling weapons. Like they should sell value packs of army builders through their site at all times, but that's just me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by El Chuxter View Post
    At this point, Hasbro should really just start selling weapons. Like they should sell value packs of army builders through their site at all times, but that's just me.
    They have weapons with Saga Legends figures, and they do sell eight-packs of army builders through their site, though the figures come out to $7.50 each (I got several extra stormtroopers this way and used one of those discount codes). While I suppose this isn't ideal, it's better than nothing.

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    They did something similar with various Cobras, but they actually wound up being discounted by a dollar or two. If they kept the essentials in production and shipped them in plain boxes, they could be even cheaper. And people would buy them.
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    I liked the four-packs in white boxes that they used to sell; I got 20 Commtech Stormtroopers that way, along with some Endor Rebel Troopers (who are apparently either brothers or clones ). But were they particularly successful for Hasbro? I remember the stormtroopers eventually getting blown out at Wizards of the Coast stores (where I got a ton of other army builder figures for cheap) and Entertainment Earth is still working through those Endor rebels.

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    Problem with the Endor troopers is that they were clones. IIRC, they're the original POTF2 version, even though there'd been several others by the time they were released.

    The Stormtroopers probably would do better sold through Hasbro rather than a fan club. I'm sure Wizards trying to get rid of their SW stock was a primary reason for them going on super-clearance at the stores.
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    I bought guns from Mauraders (gun runners) website because the better PVC rocks the house. Hasbro's guns get all bendy...bla

    Plus nothing say I own you than a camo clone trooper holding a .50 cal sniper rifle or the Aliens weapons.

    I will post the site only if asked and it's not mine.

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