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    Cool Need Answer to Simple Question

    I'm new here and have been reading through the postings in the Kenner Vintage section, but found no reference to something I have in my minor collection. I've read plenty about the original telescoping light sabers and Darth Vaders with the later red light sabers. Can anyone tell me about a 1978 (1977) Darth Vader with Blue Light Saber?

    Curious to know details, thanks.

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    Can you post some photos of this figure? My only guess is that it's a production error and someone at the factory gave Vader Ben's lightsaber by mistake. If that's the case then it's an error and it wouldn't count as a true variation.

    If you have it on the card, then it might be worth something to some vintage collectors. However if it's loose, then I'm afraid it would only be considered an incomplete figure since there would be no way to tell if the lightsaber wasn't just switched out when the red one got lost.

    Even if it was a true variation, then that doesn't necessarily make it worth anything more. The weird thing about variations is that, unless enough collectors recognize it as a variation, then it might as well not exist.
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    I've never heard of this before. It might be a prototype. Photos or a link might help.
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