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    Hiding figures for later?

    Do you guys hide figures in the stores for later if you don't have enough money to get them then, and think they'll all be gone your next visit?

    I hid I don't know how many POTJ Sandtroopers & Dirty Biker Scouts yesterday behind all the 12 figs at Wal-Mart.

    Need to build up that Army, and I've only got 1 of each at the moment.
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    I never hide for myself, but occasionally I hide stuff for friends to pick up later. The trick is to not hide in the same aisle as the actual figures. I always like putting them in the Barbie section.

    I've only done this a few times for friends who were going to pick them up later that day.
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    I've hid figures before yes, sometimes for long periods of time and I even came up with a method! Always put them behind something that isn't very hot, is very big, on the bottom shelf, and has a high price tag so that they won't all be bought overnight, and be sure that it looks like there are other boxes in places of the figures or at least make sure there is no way to just happen to peer in and see figures there. Hardly ever really worked, but when I came up with that method, never failed...

    One time though it was really funny, this was during the hit of the ASP-7 wave and I was at a Super Center Wal-Mart which wasn't stocking new figures alot and was just browsing over the figures then this guy starts walking down the aisle and stops in front of me then crouches down and picks up the lid piece to the bottom shelves (it's held up by a frame, not a solid bottom) and he pulls out a figure then walks away as if I wasn't even there, so then I decide to check it out, I pull up the lid, feel around and then voila, pull out ASP-7, a brand new figure and not even on the pegs! There was also another SW figure package down there but someone stole the figure. I like to look back and think that thanks to me some scalper didn't get at least one new figure to cheat a true collector.
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    LOL I've thought about hiding them under the shelf before, though never have.

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    I hide 'em all the time for SSG members....I also have this weird compulsion to get an entire wave at one time. For example, the other day I found Zutton but no Eeth Koth. As we speak, Zutton is hidden in the hardware section waiting on me to make up my mind...........don't ask.

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    Isn't hiding figures part of keeping scalpers from getting the stuff when we don't have the cash to get the figs right then? Why else would I hide figures that I want...if I had the money they would be mine! favorite thing to do is check out some of these little stores that don't move their stock very much and I've found a ton of good deals and POTF2 vehicles that came out 5 years ago. Just this past weekend I found a Tie Fighter for $23.00. I didn't have the cash for it so...I hid it on the bottom shelf behind some stuff. So it is waiting for me to go back and pick it up at a later time. I have every confidence in the world to think that in a month's time or 6 month's will still be there. Heck...I know where I can get 3 Boba Fett 300th right now, not to mention Ugnaughts, Admiral Ackbar, Lando, and R2Q5. I just wish I could find a really sweet deal: DV Removable Helmet, ATAT Driver, R2D2 Holo Leia, Skiff, B-Wing, Jedi Final Duel at some of these places... Oh well...I guess I'll just have to keep looking!
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    i don't hide but when i go to the store, i always look behind every thing in the toy department. i am there for about two hours looking. and i do it once a week.

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    I used to hide figures alot, but most of the time if you don't have the cash on you, I've found that you can kindly ask a store manager and they will hold it for you. But since LTBasker mentioned finding figures that someone had hiddenn at Wal-mart, it reminded me of one time when I went to Wal-mart. I noticed that they had just gotten some new figures in. It was the Tessek wave, and hanging on the racks was 2 Tesseks and 2 Landos, no Jar Jar's and no R2-Q5's in sight. Oh well, I grabbed up a Lando and a Tessek and then started searching the aisle, ended up findiing 2 JJB figures stashed away behind some other stuff in the aisle. No R2-Q5's though. I thought it was pretty funny that someone went to the trouble to hide Jar Jar figures, but not Lando or Tessek.

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    Do many of go looking for hidden figures??? And if so do you ever have any luck???

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    Back when the Flash Back wave was hot I found an Aunt Beru that way at my local TRU. It pays to search around you never know what you'll find.
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