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    This may not be the right section but make sure to I have a quiz on my site. To go to my site click here or click here to go right to the quiz. If you get the most correct answers you will be crowned the "Ultimate Star Wars King" or "Queen". And if you have a site I will put a banner up for it! I hope it is not to easy for you.
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    Interesting. I think I got all the answers right in one glance. Also, it's spelled "wookiees"; actually, you have a bunch of misspells now that I really look, so I hope you don't mind misspelled entries.
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    I had to look up the class of Boba's ship (you did say it was open-book, right?) but everything else was pretty easy.

    Maybe we can help you out with some tougher questions, like:

    "What was the name of the FIRST actor to portray Greedo?"

    Do you know? Cuz I don't and I would really like to.


    "What was Yoda's first name in the rough draft of ESB?"

    (hint: Yoda was his last name)
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    You should re-do the quiz with harder questions.

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    I wanted to make the questions easy so that people would actually try on it . Maybe after I get the winner of this one I will make a harder one. Oh and I think that Bigbarada and JT are tied for first with 14-15 correct each.
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    1. Who was the ghost-writer for the Star Wars movie novelization?

    2. How many members of the Cantina Band are there in the Holiday Special?

    3. What scene was the last shot during principal photography for ESB?

    4. Who played the AT-ST crew from ROTJ?

    5. What role did John Knoll play in Ep1?

    6. What role was Mark Hamill originally cast for in Star Wars?

    7. What job was Harrison Ford actually hired for before being cast as Han Solo?

    8. What was the main component of Luke's ANH lightsaber prop?

    9. What are the names of the actual ILM artists responsible for the designs of a.) Klaatu b.)Barada c.)Nikto?

    10. What role did Alan Harris (Bossk from ESB) play in Ep1?
    Civilized men are more discourteous than savages because they know they can be impolite without having their skulls split. - Robert E. Howard

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    So how did I do Grif?
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    I find it hard to believe that JT and Bigbarada got one wrong each. Which one was it?

    1. When is his new book coming out? I thought it was in August but know they say next year.

    2. 8?

    3. I've read this and forgot it.

    4. Is the other guy in question important also?

    5. Who is John Knoll? is he important like Rick McCallum and Ben Burtt?

    6. Is a trick question bigb?

    7. Do you mean what job was he DOING?

    8. Flashlight?

    9. Oy. That would take some looking up...

    10. Chess team Alan Harris? ---- Clerks

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    Darth Cruel, you were 14 out of 15 also. But you did get one right that JT and Bigbarada did not get right. And btw today is the last day for the quiz.
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    Howd I do Grif?
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