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Thread: My Quiz

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    Alright it is over and I will announce the winner on my site at around 6:00 PM Eastern time. Thank you all for playing, I will try and do another one next year, and congrats to the winner.
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    Hmmm, I think Barada was more the "ultimate king of timing" 'cause I now know I got that question right.

    Congrats Bigbarada, you won... um... say, what did you win?
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    Well if I was rich I would hand him out some money. But unfortunatly I am not so I if he had a website I would have put up a banner of it. So if BigBarada does get a website in the next year I will put a banner up of it. So for those of you that thought you would win a good prize than sorry to disappoint you but this was just for fun.
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    Alright I won!!! What? No prize? What a jip!! j/k

    Hmmm, I think Barada was more the "ultimate king of timing" 'cause I now know I got that question right.
    You're right, I was lucky enough to get the day off that day and I was at my computer at 3:30 (Mountain Time) with my hand hovering over the 'submit' button.

    Hey Grif, hopefully I'll have a website soon so I'll let you know.
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    i took your silly little did I do?
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    Hey Eternal Padawan...

    I will check and get back to you later.
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