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Thread: Well, VT, R2...

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    Thumbs up rendez t-minus: 24hrs, still all green on my board

    well haggie, ws is in; and you?
    lbc: ws just emailed me &, uh, sez he wants you to give me all the mms you were gonna give him, uh, yeh, det's da ticket
    np: "into the trap" from rotj score

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    I'll be there around 4:00. I'll wear a bright yellow Forsberg jersey so I stick out. See ya then.

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    Red face uh, about that yeller jersey. . .

    . . . it might clash w/the tasteful earthtones of da joint oh well, whatever you're comfy stickin out in, it's not like fs has a dress code
    2day's da day, boys; and what a day it is weatherwise eh? i'll bring rare mm figs just in case ar2 can pop by
    np: Vic Tauntaine, "come fly wid me"

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    Sorry vt, I'll be working til 5 today.

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    sheesh - the excitement & anticipation are killin' me, and I'm not even gonna be there. Have a great time!
    "We have enough youth. We need a fountain of SMART!"

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    Unhappy can't make it

    Looks like I will have to opt out today afterall. I just got handed some new work from one of my clients. They want to have it done by tomorrow so I'm going to have to work all day and night to get it done. So goes the world of contract programming. I definitely want to meet you guys sometime so be sure to let me know when you plan to meet again and I'll see if I can make it.

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    Talking wott??? yew Dare to stand up vt? ;)

    yeah, we were wonderin where you was at haggie; oh well, there'll be other occasions (gonna attend starcon in april? maybe a few of us'll meet up there friday night ).
    too bad dee2 couldn't join us, cuz it was gray all afternoon & i opted for a booth (which i gather she's long wanted to try), which only happens once or twice a year. it even started snowin towards the end of our stay (bad for ws, who was trekkin straight to montana from there, but great for me since i went to the merc afterwards ).
    ws is a much more interestin conversationalist since startin filmschool cuz we were able to discuss french new wave, italian neoreal, weimar, noir, warhol, 90s indies & specific directors (btw ws, more recommendations: truffaut's Small Change, bergman's Persona, and of course flix gettin fresh raves over on da hump ).
    ws & i took a coupla pix w/his 35mm, but he forgot the flash in his truck so we can only hope they came out he's gonna develop the roll himself & send scans to you, dee2; even if they suck i'd still love to see em one pic features the harrier custom bc3 sent me & which ws thought was supercool
    btw, the $4 action figure archive book offer i reported in latest hunt post has been spoken for: i brought in case ws or haggie might want, but before either showed one of the waiters eagerly scooped up that bargain
    lotta fun, too bad more of you didn't crowd into that big cozy booth with us
    np: ski chase from barry's OHMSS

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    Question hey where are all the "thanx r2" threds around here??

    oh well guess i'll use this one since it at least has her name in title
    didn't mean to delay this report; was busy with, among other things, posting new year's Hump before passage of time rendered it moot anyhoo this latest tea was SOOOOO fun (is this a lilac-enough "jumpsuit" for you jdah?? ) as r2 sez she brought along cf ssd, new eka, delux clone, xmas droids and 3 startour droids so i could view in person/out-of package to help decide if i wanna pursue also her atst proto which i'll review soon but best of all she had a tru silver r2 figure for me hadn't seen in person so likewise wanted to before deciding whether to get, but as you can see from the kubrickian snapshot i took of it it (alongside rocketd2 i customed w/r2r9's red lightpipe), with its not-lightpipe black eye and blue-green detailing it was just too cool & unique to turn down (btw r2 i thought of a way to correct endemic backwards legs: cut off the wheels at the "cankles" (thanx for term, Shallow Hal ) and swap-reglue em
    also decided i definitely want startour r4m9 and possibly r3d3, rx-24 and the still-unrevealed ones so jt & gsj keep me in mind if you hit disneys
    she managed some pretty good pix of gsj's array proto but i'm afraid ef1 proto uniqueness eluded us photographically (proto is the one resting on r2b1 power harness). as you may've noticed, ef1 proto is currently missing top fin. that's cuz it disappeared when i took it to show b'jr a coupla weeks ago and hasn't turned up since. there's still a coupla places i can check for it (such as the rooftop patio of his trendy uptown loft), but if it's gone for good i guess we'll just hafta be glad it has 3 more identical ones
    on a similar note i somehow managed to Forget My Wallet that day (contrary to impression just-cited incident might give i hardly ever forget or lose anything; sigh, i felt like Walletboy from the Get A Life ep of the same name oh well, maybe i was just excited to see r2 again? :happy: ) so r2 kindly spotted me the $$ for tea which i insist on reimbursing so nobody here let her forget
    gave her a big frito display (luckily she dug it, otherwise i woulda felt bad about her driving so far & not having anything significant to offer to make it worth her while), a "christmas in the stars" lp and a fashion shot from an april '01 spanish-edition Bazaar mag i thought might enjoy
    speakin of which, the post-new-year's mm fashpalette mediated between holiday metallics, the stark, rakish-angled Venice/Venice lighting and the pale winter blues of the next coupla weeks because this was our first tea so close to winter solstice, the syd-mead-designed sunset happened early enough for us to stay & view it (was Way better than pic indicates), and to take advantage of "magic hour" lighting for most of these pix
    p.s. to ws: Still waiting to see pix from march tea (prev. post)

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    Oh my! You're already loosin' proto parts?!? It looks as though they're seein' too much action. I hope we have not seen the last of the complete EF1 proto.

    Be still my beating heart.....

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    Great report VT and A massive mmwah! to R for sending me the pics to my email address so I could partake in the despatches.

    That ST is coola ma lullah, and I love the flying SE droid behind him/her. I've not seen ST in the UK, have you BC3? Of course my favourite is the R2 pic and especially the Sivler one, when will we get these?

    You mentioned other astro's are these out yet?

    VT the lilac shirt is the kind of thing I would wear. Not at all what I would expect from you. Danger, danger, Abort, Ghetto Bunny alert! The central pattern (similar to a cross section of an orange) is almost Identical to a Crop Circle I surveyed in 2000.

    I have no idea what that blue round thingy on the power harness is. I like the look of it from a motif POV.

    Also the caretakes array looks so crystal clear compared to the one you got next to it, and somewhat Otoh Gunga'ish in a Neo-Classical kinda way. All angular and sharp. And almost organic.

    The only for me is the AT-ST. I am not an Imperial lover and although when ROTJ came out I loved this walker, I never got on with the mm and only quite liked the AF battle pack version - because of my prejudices. In addition, my ageing eyes cannot make out too muchy difference between the proto and the prodo. Who's is the proto, anyway?

    Blessings and love around (new soppy jeddah for oh three)



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