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Thread: Well, VT, R2...

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    Err, SCOUSELAND, like, laa
    Hey Jeddah

    Yup - have seen it.........and bagged it !!

    It comes with the droid in a diorama (that is made of cardboard and is AWFUL (it took Jnr about 3 days to completely trah it)).

    I think that I only paid about 5 for it.

    If you look around online, you should be able to pick it up.

    Do want one of those silver R2's - but @ 30, I think that I will pass.

    There is a very cool 2 pack of Jedi Investigator Droids coming out soon though.

    Cheers & ta-ra


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    atst proto is r2's :)

    glit: "hope we have not seen the last of the complete EF1 proto"
    -of course, it likely wouldn't've been a problem if top fin'd come attached like it was sposedta bjr's gettin kicked out of his loft in 3 days cuz of disruptive incidents & cop visits ("sounds like a real stormy relationship" - nick nolte, 48 Hrs ) so i'll try to do roofside search before then. otherwise, as bb king sang The Fin Is Gawne

    jdah: "Not at all what I would expect from you. Danger, danger, Abort, Ghetto Bunny alert!"
    -i personally don't imagine many ghettobunnies sportin that much Lilac if you think that's unexpected try this on: that top's at least 14 years old cuz that's how long ago i scored it 2nd-hand for $10 for its moebius-esque colors and design connotations (back at a time when there was very little of that kinda thing to be found in fashion or other design, btw )
    btw ironically target-like central swirl was the logo for the sniper-plagued '72 olympics (the whole front was a munich games motif, while the back was a 1912 stockholm motif, thus perhaps the whole thing had some kind of 60th-anniversary significance??).
    jdah, bc3: custom stormie's actually the super-articulated commtech with potj sandtrooper pauldron & binocs added on. i was also able to score the patrol droid separate from its trooper or diorama (which i didn't want) for only $0.50, then cut a slot into ct's back to mount its stand meanwhile, custom jango details here in case interested
    you didn't know about startour astros jdah? but y'all Did know kubrick's Shining took place in winter near these parts, right? "come and play with us Jeddy. . . for evah. . . and evah. . . and Evah"
    p.s. to r2: looks like i was right, mah good looks are Definitely on the wane; time i start practicing bein a ugly ol grouch (HEY YOU DAMN KIDS KEEP OFFA MY LAWN! )

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    kubricks shining did indeed take place near ya, (nice scene of old stapelton in the snow), but actually was filmed at the mount hood resort just outside portland oregon.

    having been a denzien of the pacific northwest about the time that they shot the flic, it was the scuttlebut of conversation in the city of roses at the time.

    as fer your good looks, don't believe the hype buddy, you look mahvelaaaaaaaaas!
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    what's so funny 'bout peace love and understanding

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    Wink oregon, shmoregon- u know kubrick's distinctive cinematography's what i'm getting at

    & while i appreciate the kind word gsj (even tho to my knowledge you look Nuthin like susan ), you may've misunderstood my intent: i wasn't fishin for compliments but merely demonstrating my unsentimental clarity, even when i'm the one under the microscope besides i been kinda lookin forward to sporting an even More off-putting persona in my dotage than i already do
    speakin of dotage, one thing we forgot to do was picture your array's underside "spiral lights" to show their distinct difference from prodo's

    jdah: "have no idea what that blue round thingy on the power harness is"
    -really? in that case i'm glad i sent bc3 that 6-back b5 card for his superuseful site (i reference it constantly) cuz now i can simply refer you to the ef1 pictured thereon
    yknow i never Intended to collect so many astromech figs, but they just keep coming out w/so many appealing variants i can't resist i already have 6 (6&1/2 if you count the red r2 head installed on my potj ywing ) and may have as many as 9 by the time i'm done with the startour droids
    speakin of, thanx for disney mailorder phone# r2, i usually hate deploying my $$ thusly since i don't get to personally choose a paintjob execution to my liking And s&h is always criminally high. but since disneyland just announced an admission price increase maybe i shouldn't hold breath waiting for our-disney-local forummers to do a run; besides, since tokyo joe's already told me he wants one of each fig maybe the s&h'd average out to acceptable levels for a bulk order (hey, maybe several of us should order together?)
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    Thumbs up nice photos from the tattered cover

    i finally got around to looking at all the pics from the latest VTea time. the capt.'s yacht's glowing blue nacelles were captured perfectly at that time of day. wow!

    r2, you might want to change the year date your showing here, i know it's hard to believe that time keeps marching on

    as fer your good looks mr. touch, i wasn't funnin' wit ch'a, i always thought you looked like a short haired neil young

    np:neil young - (keep on) rockin' in the free world

    alternate np: neil young - long may you run:happy:
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    Lightbulb as greedo'd say, "buk le nyuma" re yacht nacelle

    neil young eh? i've heard everything from weaselly crasher to mick jagger but that's a new one to me; ever see his hilarious jack-nicholson-esque stalker turn in early-80s vid to his song "i'm wonderin"?
    p.s. to r2: hey i know, change date to the catchier 01/02/03

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    Re: as greedo'd say, "buk le nyuma" re yacht nacelle

    Originally posted by vulcantouch
    p.s. to r2: hey i know, change date to the catchier 01/02/03
    .......simple as you and me

    np: jackson 5 - the love you save
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    In the above posts, all links to the VTTime are now at my new location and I've included the change of 123
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    R2 Up to her neck in sand on the beaches of Hawaii

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    YAY! Glad they are still around!

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    Cool i'll let r2 post a link to latest teapage itself. . .

    . . .but meanwhile i'll just xplain that during our latest tea thrusday, my initial windowsill palette doesn't resonate with the lighting cuz i'd set it up while it was still sunny, & we got to talkin so much we forgot to snap a pic before aft clouds moved in. otherwise, yall woulda been able to see just how Perfectly appropriate the late-spring blues & greens were, with the hints of purple hinting at the oncoming summer anyhoo i later corrected the mm deployment to account for the lighting change. as always, mm fashion is a bucking beast one must stay on top of, ride em cowboy
    in case anyone's curious: ingredients for color-coordinated pitdroid stap are clonepilot's ballgun, boshek's pistol, oom-9's antenna & binocs (used for backpack) and of coruse gasgano pitdroid
    gsj: personally i still see george thorogood more than neil young(not that i have a preference between them, personally i'd rather it be, oh idunno, sugar ray or vanilla ice ), but just for you i tried my best to resemble neil also marlon brando so as to begin to live up to the "many faces of vt" billing r2's labeled pix of me on her site with. (or is it more reminiscent of captive chakotay gettin worked over by the kazon? oh well, if mrh had shown up with my libdroids i was even gonna give him my nasal, rear-palate monolog about "the service he has graciously performed me on this day of my daughter's wedding" )
    darjeeling for r2, moroccan gunpowder mint for me since the aft high was 85f r2 recently bought the Nemesis dvd and gave me a rombirdlogo-shaped minidisc it came with cuz it wouldn't play on her comp, Thanx also left with me a great-shape ent-b/kbop/sep-entd Generations mm 3-pack she's winnowing from her collection, in case b'jr or any of you want it for the $6 she originally paid (adhering impeccably to terms of my longwinded ethical guidelines, i'm gratifried to note )
    after remanding custody of ephant & atst proto to r2 we swapped lotta fun gossip about gates mcfadden's snippiness, how glitch only answers follow-up quextions we forummers pose him maybe 1/3 of the time which is why i no longer bother, etc a fab visit as always, with the focus only slightly detracted from by my occasional hungry glance towards the foyer to see if that movement in the corner of my eye was mrhat Finally arriving with my libdroids, yum yum hey, can't blame a guy for salivating, after all toys are why we're all in this game in the first place right? thanx again r2

    ps to ws: Still waitin to see pix from our fs booth VisiT


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