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Thread: Well, VT, R2...

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    HERE'S the link to the TEA I know VT just wanted me to post it so I would say something about the tea It was very nice as usual and he was the perfect gentleman I'm sorry that the faces of VT were not the most focused, will have to try harder next time.

    It was nice to see LT Basker's proto and nice to have my baby AT-ST back. Thanks to VT too, for holding an Ephant Mon for me. It's sure been scarce around my area.

    Thanks to you again VT :happy:
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    good shot jansen
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    ps to ws: Still waitin to see pix from our fs booth VisiT
    YI! I remember that- I'll dig out my negatives and see if I can get a print made

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    Cool ok ws, hope to see pix soon

    r2: "VT just wanted me to post it so I would say something"
    -while i'm certainly not above pursuing ulterior motives thusly, actually i just wasn't sure if you hadn't yet posted it cuz you were still tweaking the page to your satisfaction, so i didn't wanna let cat outta bag prematurely

    "he was the perfect gentleman"
    -Hah, good one


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