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    All right...I found 'em.

    That is, I found almost all my SW Micro Machines and my Star Trek MM's unpacking the other day. (Like how I did that there? )

    I do plan on selling them because I am poor. I am making no trades and no "deals," much to my disappointment, but it's either get as much $$$ as I can or end up on the street.

    Yeah. It's come to that. To see what's going to be offered (I DO promise to start the bids at or below what I paid for them) use this info:

    Ebay ID: Warstar

    Otherwise, I haven't sold anything MM related yet, so I still have everything.

    I found the Rogue 2 Snowspeeder, btw, GSJ And Happy Belated, too

    A lot of my AF's are still packed but my loose ones will probably end up in a mass collector's sale. After all, I did have them all

    At this point, I pretty much know where all my MM's are. I can't find the box for my Trek Set 2 though (darn it). I know I have it some place.

    *Throws himself at the mighty VT's feet*

    When it comes to being homeless in Montana or losing my collector's integrity, I chose collector's integrity. After all, what good is a collection that's been reposessed? Or has no place to display them

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    ...speak of cheese and the mice appear

    Good luck WS


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    Ok, the Enterprise-E going for $66 BY ITSELF?

    Is this a normal thing?

    I have the ST Set III set with all the ships (VT got my spares in a good trade a long time ago )- should I part it out or sell it all at once?

    ...if it were up to me, I wouldn't sell it at all!

    Anyone know any millionaires with about $100,000 to spare? I could be a tax write-off- or a business expense

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    Did someone say cheeze, I mean MMs for sale?

    ]} ; {>


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