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Thread: Well, VT, R2...

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    Well, VT, R2...

    I shall be down there again...SOON.

    THUS- I would like to see you two. Thursday, 03/14 at the Tattered Cover sound good? 3:30? I am dying for some Moroccan Gun Powder

    Do let me know.

    To keep this topical, I MISS Micromachines! *SIGH!* But oh well.

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    Alas Warstar, I have another engagement on the 14th. Are you going up to Denver from the Springs that day or are you staying in Denver? I think VT already plans to be at Spacedock, so you should have a great VTeatime. If you have your own camera and take some pics, you can send them to me and I'll post them
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    Thumbs up thu 14th 2-week notice: guess it's just u & me, ws

    3:30 sounds good; but arrive early if you wanna browse downstairs 1st, cuz afterwards, if dee2 won't be along, mebbe we'll hook up w/b'jr & have us a boys nite out: ever been to paris? sacre bleu? shotgun willies? (dee2's right, Definitely bring a digicam ) or mebbe watch some choice indie dykeflik on b'jr's VidprojecTor; you Are a flimstudent after all, right? you can tell yer teachers you did some xtree credit homework
    meanwhile, between now & then i'll see if i can't find some astoundin bargain for dee2 that she'll just Have to come up & get on the 14th so you're sposed to bring aussiebraid and potj sandy $$, right? anythin else? i'm sposed to bring 3 potj sandies right? anythin else?
    Fed Spacedock still has morocc gunpowder on the menu (though if it's anywhere near this cold i'll prefer uhl grey ), but thankfully your stankyass reubens got phased out 2 or 3 menus ago so

    "I MISS Micromachines! *SIGH!*"
    -well don't just bellyache Here, cuz for the first time in years we got a real shot at gettin stmms brought back! so go make yerself heard where it counts! and that goes for the resta yew Dogfaces! mobilize!! move out!! SCHNELLL!!

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    Well now...

    Yep- I owe you the Aussie Braid $$$, and the trooper $$$, and then as many of those Tatts as you can (up to 12) and it's all good

    I see Entertainment Earth is offering cases of SW AF's? Weird.

    Damn Reubens I miss those. Perkins has them here though

    I will be the on the 14th if I can- I might leave afterward and head back up here though (I gotta' be back before school kicks in- it is also weather-dependent ((i.e. if a bad forecast is made earlier in the week, I will have to come back sooner))- so I will keep you posted. It would suck if there were no flicks or toys/boys night out, but driving 10+ hours in nice weather and not dying on the way up is important)

    I DEFINITELY want to be there and see you and mebbe the rest of the crew though

    Anyway, anything anyone wants? I could see about picking it up before I go (no sales tax after all )

    Lemme know.

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    Exclamation "if you Can"?? this whole thing wuz Yer idear, sparky ;)

    "not dying on the way up is important"
    -sheesh, some people got theys priorities All screwed up i VorecasT conditions'll be favorable to my notions and maybe haggie'll join us, that'd be ok w/you, right? good

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    Cool. It'll be good to meet some fellow AF collectors. Are you talking about the Tattered in Cherry Creek or LoDo? Where abouts do you guys meet? It's a damn big bookstore.

    I don't have anything to trade. I only buy one of each AF and some of the 3 3/4 figures but never any extras. I'm more than happy to pick things up for people if I see "wanted" items at the store though.

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    Cherry Creek

    The big ol' Tattered across from Cherry Creek Mall- at the aptly named Fourth Story restaurant on the 4th floor

    I should be able to be there with bells on ^_^

    Hasta for now

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    Don't forget that I owe you a couple of MM sized ships. Consider yourself lucky I didn't change my name and move to Mexico. I seriously contemplated doing that.
    "The dark side clouds everything. Impossible to see, the future is. But this I am sure of - do their duty the Jedi will." --Yoda from Attack of the Clones.

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    Exclamation t-minus 48hr notice

    WELL, ws, haggie (& longshot astromechs ar2 & dee2 ), just confirming thursday rendez's still a go
    haggie: i'm easy to spot- if there's any sun at all i'll be along the south window w/mms arrayed on the sill and if no sun, i'll be in one of the high-backed, bookshelved booths :happy: either way, be advised that kitchen goes on break between 4 and 5pm, so if hungry you gotta order before or after that-

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    I shall arrive no later than 4:30. The new trailer IS cool...but...can't...let...old...habits start...again! >_<!


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