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Thread: I got lucky...

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    I got lucky...

    I just bought a mans whole collection yesterday (not that big, about 175 figures and a few ships) and I thought it was all 90's + figures, He had about 50 figures from 77-83 in there. I was so happy. Even thou some of them are missing paint I feel I must put them all in a plastic case's and display them so dust doesnt get on them. I had a huge collection years ago, when my wife was in school I sold everything on Ebay for a few thousand,it was sad, but my kids eating was more important. So I'm getting everything back slowly. It was a great find for me.

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    Where did you end up with this deal??
    You'll be sorry, Pee-Wee Herman!

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    That's awesome! I'm in a similar situation in that I was forced to sell off most of my vintage collection when the economy went south in 2008. My biggest regret is letting go of my complete "last-15" vintage POTF collection for only $900.

    However, I'm taking advantage of this buyer's market right now and hope to rebuild that entire collection for less than what I sold it for.
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    I posted a wanted ad for Star Wars and a guy sent me a reply saying he had some things. So he sent pics and I made an offer (total was like $250). He said he had about 175 guys in a box, nothing looked that good in the pics, but I figured the 175 would be nice to display. I got an email back saying ya. We meet and he gave me everything, There was an imcomplete Ewok village (missing some side rails), vintage AT-AT complete, 80 Hoth set incomplete, 80 micro hoth set, Naboo fighter complete, Complete 95 Falcon, 2 incomplete vintage falcons, complete 98 Xwing (electronic). 3 multi box sets, 3 land speeders (vintage), 7 Trilogy sealed figures, about 10 carded figures, vintage Cloud Car (incomplete), some of the small playsets (luke and Han on the falcon guns), a few scene sets, 4 packs of Naboo creatures, and about 150 figures from 1998+ and about 50 Vintage figures. I dont think it was a bad deal. and a Vintage trash compactor with monster (its missing the blue wall that moves). I feel bad that he sold it all and for so little.

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    Which Micro Hoth set?

    I'm always looking for the non-ion cannon ones now.
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    Its just the Main base from "Micro Collection Hoth World playset" with the round grey gun at the top.

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    That's the one Star Wars toy I've had on display in every room/place I've ever lived in. I love that Hoth Ion cannon!!!
    Star Wars & GI Joe Customs
    HAVES: HK-50 Head, Capt Typho & GI Joe fodder available still
    Wants:L8-L9 Head, YVH-1 Complete (as possible),R7-T1 Complete (as possible),R7-Z0 Complete (as possible)

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    that's an awesome find. i loved the Micro series when i was a kid... i still have a complete Bespin World set with the figures still in decent shape... looking to find a steal on the Micro Falcon....

    Action Fleet vehicles sorta of work with that series as well. the figures are also very compatible
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    I've never bought someone's collection, but I have bought some figures and vehicles before. One, to go to college (and buy a, wait for it... Commodore 64 computer) and another when the son left.

    Good score, and welcome to the boards here, Warped!
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