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    If there could only be ten more EU figures, who do you want and why?

    Chukha-Trok: We know he at least made it to the prototype stage, but that may or may not mean anything in the long run. All kidding about him aside, he's a unique Ewok (and Ewoks sell), and he has the unique distinction of being a non-ROTJ adult Ewok who appeared in both the live-action Ewok movies and the cartoon.

    Jaxxon: He's the epitome of everything the Marvel comic was: goofy. No matter how they might try to make bits of pieces of the comic "cool" now, it was goofy. Jaxxon's already been established as being a bounty hunter during the Clone Wars, so he could make an appearance on that show at some point, and I imagine kids would love him. He's actually one of the few characters who would work equally well done realistically or in animated style.

    Lumpawarrump: Trimming down Chewie's family to only get one in is painful. I'd like to have the whole family, but, if I can only take one, Lumpy has the most screen time. Malla's Chewie with a dress, and Itchy looks more like a puppy than a Wookiee. And there are no Wookiee kids right now.

    Bollux and Blue Max: A cool-looking droid from the 1970s Han Solo novels, with another cool-looking droid who lives in his chest. He's the only character from these novels who really stands out (can't say I'm clamoring for a Gallandro figure), and, well, he's a cool droid.

    Joruus C'baoth: Probably the most important unmade figure from the Thrawn Trilogy. An advantage to Joruus would be that, if you don't like the EU, he's an older Jedi with a very long beard, which is cool in and of itself.

    Guri: Somehow, despite her importance in the Shadows of the Empire book and comic, despite her being the only new character to not suck, and despite people literally begging for her for over ten years, she remains unproduced.

    Jedi Master Kyp Durron: One of the most important EU Jedi, he probably should've been produced before NJO Luke, to be honest. I'd prefer him as a cocky Jedi Master rather than a punk kid.

    Jedi Master Corran Horn: We got a Corran last year in the Wal-Mart sets, but not the one anyone preferred. We need him as a Jedi Master, older and wearing green robes. Yet another who could be a generic prequel Jedi if someone wants.

    Siri Tachi: A female Jedi about Obi-Wan's age. There really don't seem to be enough girl Jedis (disregarding the insane number of Aayla resculpts).

    Nelvaan Mutant: These things are awesome. I would've preferred one of these to most of the other Tartakovsky figures we got.
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    I'm going by "impact" factor. That means they weren't just one shot characters, or throw away villians, they recurred across sources for years (if not decades).

    Kyp Durron, Jedi Aprentice/Exar Kuhn pupil. It's how most people think of Kyp even if it was so fleeting and could stand as his younger version.
    Kyp Durron, Jedi Master: Older, not always the wiser, longer hair is a must.

    Corran Horn Jedi. Don't care if Knight or Master, grey beard or not.

    Tahiri Viella, post shaping. Or is it Rina Kawad? Either way, the barefooted dual minded Jee'dai who was shaped is a big one.

    Admiral Gilliad Pelleon.

    Yuuzhan Vong Warrior that isn't on steroids. Please, some one at Hasbro read the actual description unlike the DH artists!!!! If you can't read it, I will cover for your illiteracy again and read it to you. Even explain what the words mean by using simpler synonyms and syntax (or since it is close enough, use the Legacy work which obviously had an artist who read the descriptions).

    Bullox and Blue Max, like Chux says.

    Ben Skywalker/Anakin Solo. Since both are in the 14-16 age range in their prominent features, a simple head variant/paint applicaiton would suffice. Not sure if that would count as or not.

    Jaxxon for the cheese factor of his time and being the earliest of early EU.

    And depending on how you cound Ben/Anakin Kennth Hamner. Older non-descript man who can fit in as a prequal Jedi if you won't take who he is.

    No Fem-bot, no touching the forbidden zone that is the Holiday Special.
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    1. Nomi Sunrider (TOTJ Awesome EU)
    2. Jacen Solo as a Sith Darth Caedeus (Best star wars saga ever being legacy novels.)
    3.Ben Skywalker (See above)
    4. Guri (Awesome character, SW version of the termenator!)
    5. Alema Ra (Twlieks are sweet come on and she's insane)
    6. Anakin Solo (He's a solo!)
    7. Sprit of Exar Kun (Just my favorite character who needs to be made)
    8. Jag Fel (Mando gear prefered)
    9. Vong Warriors (Fodder)
    10.kyp durron why not another awesome jedi

    Runners Up
    Suri Tachi, who doesn't want a sarah michelle gellar jedi figure
    Jaxxon, cool character early Eu, lumiya got love why not Jaxxon
    Jorus C Both, needs to be done.
    Lowbacca, even though lucas wont allow it, no wookie jedis you say!?
    Young Han Solo from the Corporate sector novels. would be cool.

    Honestly, I don't get why someone would prefer a guy in a helmet with little or no back story over a EU character, and if this guy in a helmet does have a backstory it's EU!!!!

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    a decent Vong figure


    Ben Skywalker

    a killik


    Darth Bane's apprentice Darth Zannah (Sith hotties make great figures)

    Shado Val

    Darth Nihl

    Wolf Sazen

    Darth Maladi

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    You will find most of mine are from the Thrawn Trilogy.

    1. Admiral Gilliad Pelleon - Not just because of his importance to Post PT EU, but also because he coudl be used as a background character in a Star Destroyer display.

    2. C'baoth - We have Jade, we have Luke; we need a dark jedi to fight.

    3. Guri - She would pretty much complete the Shadows figure line. Minus Leebo.

    4. Leebo - Kidding.
    4. Tsavong Lah - Need a Vong comander.

    5. Garm Bel Iblis

    6. Bastila Shan

    7. Carth Onasi w/ T3-M4 - I want the droid, but don't want to waste a pick.

    8. Admiral Daala

    9. Norghi

    10. Arden Lyn

    I would add Anakin Solo and Nom Anor but I think we are getting them. I would have placed Horn as well but feel that since we have one from the Walmart 2 packs that I wouldn't hold my breath for another one.
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    I'm not a big EU guy, but here's what I'd like to see.

    1. Guri - the very notion of this character is exciting, she's a killer robot meant to look like a beautiful woman, and the right hand of a powerful mafia boss. She played a huge role in SOTE, and I've always wanted her as an action figure. She was possibly slated for a comic pack before the line crashed.
    2. Dash Rendar - a new main guy, Dash may be a Han ripoff but he did it with his own attitude. The original figure was worthless crap from hair to boots and even weapons. Dash deserved better. Plus, Dash was the star of one of the best Star Wars games of all time.
    3. Leebo - Dash's droid companion, the only other person to hang out on The Outrider. Dash's version of Chewbacca.
    4. Joruus C'baoth - the mad Jedi clone's machinations nearly tore the galaxy apart and wrecked Luke & Leia. His existence would give Mara Jade figures more context, since he is her character's final turning point.
    5. Noghri - Anyway, the Noghri were extremely important to the Thrawn trilogy and need to be made, especially Rukh. I don't really like the comics' look for the race though, it doesn't fit how I pictured them in the novels. Also, the death of comic packs took out the Noghri that was planned.
    6. Darktrooper - from SW Battlefront series of video games. It's a totally different design, and a hateful class to play because it's so cheap. But it's also cool looking, and sports an arc-caster (which annoyingly just looks like a regular E-11 blaster).
    7. Jerec - from Dark Forces 2: Jedi Knight. I didn't know he had been retconned into being Jocasta Nu's apprentice, that is some really weird stuff. But he's a blind dark Jedi and has a look that isn't your standard Sith crap.
    8. Jan Ors - Kyle Katarn's sidekick from the Dark Forces series, she's not a particularly exciting action figure, but she's been through some serious stuff.
    9. Gorc & Pic - from Dark Forces 2: Jedi Knight. Evil dark Jedi "twins", one is a Gamorrean, the other a Kowakian Monkey Lizard. It's just something different.
    10. Ackmena - ha! Didn't see that coming, didja??? But Darth Maude deserves an action figure. Her musical turn in Chalmun's Cantina interacted with a lot of aliens and did her bit to fight the Empire... in her own way.

    One would think, Chux, that with your avatar, I wouldn't be the first one asking for Ackmena in your thread here. Personally, I find Chewie's whole family to be icky.
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    I'm having trouble ranking all the figures I would want so I'm going to break it down by source material:

    The Ewok Adventure (Caravan of Courage)

    Kaink (with her full robe and not just a crappy soft-goods hood)

    Ewoks animated series (all of these figures would be sculpted as they appeared in the cartoon - animated styling)


    Droids animated series (these could be realistic or animated style)

    Jann Tosh

    That's only 8 but filling the last two slots will take a lot more consideration. These are all the "no brainers" for me.
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    1. Jaxxon
    2. Lumpy
    3. Itchy
    4. Malla
    5. Ackmena
    6. Kneesa
    7. No more EU figures.
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    I dig EU but there are only three sources that I really truly love. So if there are only going to be 10 more EU figures, then these are the ones I want the most:

    Droids (1985) - 25th Anniversary!
    1. Admiral Screed
    2. Jessica Meade
    3. Mungo Baobab

    Tales of the Jedi (1994-1997) - everything the prequels should've been
    4. Nomi Sunrider
    5. Exar Kun
    6. Ulic-Qel Droma
    7. Vodo-Siosk Baas
    8. Master Thon

    Dark Forces (1995) - 15th Anniversary
    9. Jan Ors
    10. Dark Trooper Phase III

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    1. Jerec (Dark Forces 2: Jedi Knight) - Bald, blind, and bloody lethal, this guy is one of the best Expanded Universe "dark jedi" to ever be created.
    2. Jan Ors (Dark Forces 2: Jedi Knight) - Kyle wouldn't be able to survive without Jan frequently watching his back, and he shouldn't go solo in figure form either. Plus, her actress is quite a looker.
    3. Maw (Dark Forces 2: Jedi Knight) - Despite being one of three "dark jedi" to not have a live action actor for the cutscenes, this character was brutal and the alien look just begs for a figure. Plus, he mastered the art of seeking vengeance despite being separated from his legs long before that pansy Darth Maul was even conceptualized.
    4. Dash Rendar (Shadows of the Empire) - I loved the POTF2 figure quite a bit, but he inarguably deserves an upgrade, and has for a long time.
    5. Leebo (Shadows of the Empire) - Hasbro seriously missed a great comic 2-pack by not using the line to release Leebo and Dash.
    6. Sariss (Dark Forces 2: Jedi Knight) - Like Kyle, Jerec would be nothing without a female partner watching his back and if Jerec ever gets made, Sariss should get made.
    7. 8t88 (Dark Forces 2: Jedi Knight) - He's a droid, and he's cool.
    8. Gorc & Pic (Dark Forces 2: Jedi Knight) - What JT said.
    9. Boc (Dark Forces 2: Jedi Knight) - Crazy Twi'lek that dual wields lightsaber, not much else needs to be said.
    10. Tenel Ka (Young Jedi Knights - My favorite character from the YJK series, her unique story along with losing a limb and denying a robotic replacement brought a lot to the series.
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