I am continuing my 3 3/4" vehicle thread series.

This will discuss ONLY the vehicle in the title of the thread (in this case The Hoth Echo Base Ice Laser Drill from ESB).

I will cover several unmade vehicles for the action figures per week, choosing them from a rotating schedule through the movies and the Expanded Universe.

I'll order it TPM, AOTC, ROTS, ANH, ESB, ROTJ, EU, and then keep going back through the order in that manner.

So here I'm only asking you if you'd buy The Hoth Echo Base Ice Laser Drill?

This vehicle is only noticed on the edge of the first scene I'm displaying a picture of below. I never noticed it in 30 years but JediTricks pointed it out to me when I was looking for the Hoth Echo Base Personnel Carrier.

This drill was never used by Luke Skywalker in a cut scene that I'm aware of - I think the picture on the right (below) was made for a publicity shot.

It could go in a battle pack with perhaps a pilot like Wedge or Hobbie in Hoth Pilot gear and an astromech or Hoth Gonk Droid.

I don't think this vehicle would be deployed as a weapon at all, but is rather more like a construction tool.

Do you want this made?

How do you think it would sell if produced, at each price point ($15 or $24)?