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    Original vintage characters that have not yet been made for the "modern" lines

    I've looked for a recently-updated thread like this without success.

    Here's my list - I'd welcome any additions/corrections:

    1) Human B-wing Pilot (red jumpsuit)
    2) Sim Aloo (Imperial Dignitary)
    3) Wooof (Klaatu, palace outfit)
    4) Beytmun (vintage Nikto)
    5) Lumat (it'd be good to have the grey ewok the vintage was based on as well as the stripey woodcutter ewok now considered to be Lumat)
    6) Warok

    and if I'm being really picky:

    7) Black Bespin Security Guard
    8) Power Droid (the one with "step" patterns on the side - can be seen in ANH walking around in the Lars homestead as Luke calls down to Beru from above)
    9) Kithaba (because Kenner's POTF attempt could be viewed just as much as aiming for Kithaba as Barada because of the paint job, ignoring the sculpted backpack. And because he's cool and they should make him anyway.)
    10) Sergeant Torent (the grey-uniformed "Star Destroyer Commander" which the vintage figure was presumably based on - pic below)

    Attachment 15722

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    Not sure about the original (Hoth) Rebel Soldier with the brown vest. I don't know enough about the differences between the different uniforms. Can anyone shed any light on this?

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    This is a really cool list - I would want to see every last one of these.....especially all of the Skiff Aliens/Jabba related aliens
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    I think this list is about perfect with Kithaba's "really picky additions," and the Hoth Rebel he also discussed.

    If you have that old Steve Sansweet Action Figure Archive book, it's out of date since 1998, but an excellent source for pics of the Vintage 80's stuff.

    I just turned the pages when I made one of these lists several years ago.
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    Just been looking at carded BSG's, and had forgotten that the white BSG was also modelled after someone specific:

    Attachment 15773

    So if you remade the black BSG...

    Attachment 15774

    ...then you'd sorta have to do both, which I suppose is kinda silly and a bit too picky, given that we have human BSGs in the new line already.

    I'm starting to think that I'd be more interested in seeing Utris M'Toc (the alien BSG) than either of the vintage humans.

    Attachment 15776

    He's kinda cool in a really Star Trek way.

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    Ok, I've done a bit of research on Hoth outfits.

    First of all we have Major Derlin...

    Attachment 15777

    ...who we have in the modern line, but did not have in the vintage line. The vintage Rebel Commander had his moustache, but his uniform was sculpted after the guy on his card, who looks to be a bog standard white-uniformed soldier with a headscarf:

    Attachment 15778

    So the vintage Rebel Commander was in a soldier's uniform, which is typified by this:

    Attachment 15779

    This was the uniform Hasbro gave us for POTF2, albeit sculpted on a bearded guy:

    Attachment 15780

    Then they must have realised that there should have been white at the elbows, so they changed the colours for the deluxe version:

    Attachment 15782

    More to come in a sec...

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    So the POTF2 Hoth Rebel Soldier is pretty much the same deal as the vintage Rebel Commander. The important bit is the white, untextured protective overvest with the emblem thing on one side and the gun strap stabilizer on the other. Here are some more examples:

    Attachment 15783
    Attachment 15784

    Looking at the card for the vintage Rebel Soldier, it seems like he's been modelled after a guy wearing the same uniform as the above, with that white overvest with the lines going down the shoulder:

    Attachment 15785

    More to come...

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    My list adds the Death Star Droid, Rebel Soldier, and TIE Fighter Pilot.

    Star Wars
    *Death Squad Commander (gray suit) - this could just be a repaint of the current Death Star Trooper.
    *Death Star Droid (silver) - I'm not even sure if there was a silver one in the films, and we already have a shiny black and dull bronze version of this droid, but a silver one would be cool as well.
    *Power Droid - as you said, the vintage one hasn't technically been redone.

    The Empire Strikes Back
    *Rebel Soldier - we don't have a generic guy in Major Derlin/General McQuarrie's costume, but as we have those, I'm not sure we need a random dude.
    *Bespin Security Guard (moustache) - the body of the 2000 figure can be improved upon (particularly the open jacket).
    *Bespin Secutiry Guard (black) - running change to the moustache guy.
    *TIE Fighter Pilot (ANH style) - Hasbro overlooks the fact that the ANH pilots have tubes coming from the sides of their chest box things, and the modern figures don't have these and are thus from ROTJ.

    Return of the Jedi
    *Klaatu (Jabba's Palace outfit) - Wooof, I guess.
    *Nikto (blue outfit) - is his name Beytmun? I can't find that online.
    *B-wing Pilot (human in red)
    *Lumat (1983 version)

    Power of the Force
    *Barada (red headband and yellow shirt) - actually Kithaba.
    *Imperial Dignitary (Sim Aloo)
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    Then we have Luke's uniform, which seems different, but I think it might be the same uniform but without the white overvest thing. Or more likely it's just that they have a different vest altogether, because they're using a small blaster instead of a rifle (see Luke's holster), which means they have no need for a rifle holder on their vests.

    Attachment 15786

    This beige, quilted "bodywarmer" with the thick, padded collar, is the same uniform as a lot of the other guys are wearing, and I think its colour might have been used as a model for the vintage Rebel Soldier's brown vest. Kenner might not have realised that a lot of the soldiers are wearing the same thing as Luke. Some more examples:

    Attachment 15787
    Attachment 15788
    Attachment 15789
    Attachment 15791

    The wearing of the white overvest doesn't seem to have anything to do with rank. There are officers of all types wearing both different types of uniform.

    A little bit more to come when I can find it...

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    Hasbro gave us a random soldier in Luke's uniform in one of the accessory sets:

    Attachment 15792

    Yeah, it could do with using one of the Luke Hoth resculpts and maybe a different head, BUT, the vintage Rebel Soldier is wearing a vest with that gun strap stabilizer thing on his chest to the left as we look at it:

    Attachment 15793

    So I reckon that regardless of the colour, the vintage Rebel Soldier was sculpted after the bog standard soldier with the white vest, which we already have a few modern versions of. I can't find any examples of brown overvests with the gun stablizer thing plus emblem.

    Whichever way you look at it, and whether or not you like the Hasbro figure, we can't really say we haven't been given a new version of the original vintage Rebel Soldier, because we have a random guy in each of the 2 types of uniform. So "Rebel Soldier (Hoth)" is definitely off my list of wants, except that a resculpt of the Saga one in Luke's outfit would be good


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