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    R2D2/Holo'Leia carded *Looking for a few figures*

    I have a NM (only because i touched it) R2D2 with hologram leia / comtech has been in a plastic clamshell since i got looking to trade for: 300th Boba Fett any condition but loose...and a few of the following figures in any condition but loose:
    Mual: sith aprentice
    Mual: sith training (shirtless/probe)
    Eek Koth jedi
    Ploo Koon jedi
    Aura Sing
    Sio Bibble (ep1)

    i also have carded .00 in plastic clamshells:
    Obi wan Ep1 jedi duel
    Qui gon Ep1 jedi duel
    Darth Mual Jedi Duel
    Bespin Luke (potf)
    Boba Fett(potf)

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    Thumbs up

    I have a loose DM apprentice in trade
    for your r2d2/holo leia lmk if interested
    my email is thx in advance:happy:

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    sorry dude i dont want "loose" figures....i just dont care of the pacage condition....i plan on opening them myself but im adicted to the new toy smell....and i found the shirtless mual 2 hours after posting this

    the R2D2 is c9 at least in a plastic shell

    i really really want a 300th boba fett and one or two figures from the list
    Mual: sith aprentice
    Eeth Koth jedi
    Ploo Koon jedi
    Aura Sing
    Sio Bibble (ep1)
    Han solo Death star escape

    BTW: does everyone know the saber that comes with mual (shirtless) seporates into two seperate sabers?...i found out by acedent while poseing it on the shelf..and i didnt see it on the pacageing...i thought i broke it at first.


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