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    Angry Please don't turn to the dark side with AFA

    I have collected over the years baseball cards, comics, and of course my #1 love Star Wars figures......I hate how things become professionally graded.....This is beyond me....I don't ever want to have a figure graded, when all this happens, people start paying way to much for figures and it takes away what we love about collecting. Hunting down hard to find figures in stores across our great country. When people start having figures graded it feels like getting kicked in the stomach....Please don't join these people by turning to the dark side.....Just one collectors stand point, please respond with how you feel on this subject.


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    I think it's pretty silly too. I know we all love the toys but sadly there's folks who still treat the little lumps of plastic as if it's some kind of investment. All this grading nonsense is winding me up lately. As far as i'm concerned it's mint from factory or it's not. No ifs buts or in betweens just spanky fresh and good to go or substandard and bent. All this faffing around with degrees of broken and degrees of bent or degrees of variation. What kind of insanity is this?
    I can just about deal with someone wanting to have a toy museum of the stuff all carded and boxed and stuck to a wall so the room resembles a toystore but I really do not understand paying to have your items shipped out to some jumped up jerk who sits and pontificates about whether or not your toys are worthy or not and then ships them back to you with a certificate. Man if you love your toys then the value you place on them yourself is all that counts. If money is all that interests you collect cars or women or endangered animals.
    I think once this grading gubbins took hold everything went arse end up and the real fun of collecting went west. This is all just cruddy mass produced lumps of badly put together, badly painted/printed plastic and card. There's a small key called reality perspective and it appears some people lost their key. If i ever start talking about getting things graded, please shoot me severely in the head. Thanks.

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    This was brought up before, and basically I'm in the same boat as Jargo on this. I loathe AFA, and laughed my are off when over at Rebelsum someone resealed a figure and sent it to them and they graded it super high as an unopened figure. It's just a sinkhole for greedy people to pay other greedy people to "grade" their stuff. Even Sir Steve has commented here in the past that it was rediculous.

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    Originally posted by EMPEROR JARGO
    or endangered animals.
    AFA gave my pair of white tigers a 95!

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    I think it is pretty stupid.How do you know they are graded properly?If Billy-Bob is having a bad day,do you really think he is going to give your perfect figure the 90+ it deserves?Of course not.

    I should start my own grading service.Although not a "professional" I could probably do better than AFA
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    If I did it, any single figure that I suspected was going to ebay I would grade a 0.

    With the exception of vintage carded figures, it's a pretty low way for scalpers to get more money. It really sucks though because AFA's sticker stuff used easily faked stuff.
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    I totally agree with everyone. It was one thing when sports cards got graded. I didn't have a problem with that. Then I learned that they started grading comic books. I thought that this was the stupidest thing in the world to do, because comics are ment to be read, not put in an air tight plastic never to be read again. Then when I saw the first graded figure on ebay, I almost put my fist through a wall. It ticks me off that everyone who grades them only does it just to make money, because there really wouldn't be any other reason to do it. I can understand grading on sports cards because I thought it was cool that you could see how well you had taken care of those older cards, and for the more important fact, you can't really play with a baseball card. But when comics and toys are graded, this is when I get mad. Comics are meant to be read and toys are meant to be played with or at least stay in the package ungraded in case you feel like opening them up. I dispise anyone and everyone who has ever gotten a comic or action figure graded and I always will. There is no reason to do so. So for the love of Comics and toys, please read them and play with them. Do not lock them up in a plastic jail never to be released again. Have fun with them for as long as you can.

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    For only $200 each, I'll grade figures! : )

    But seriously, AFA is a bunch of garbage. I never plan on having any of my figures graded. They are for me to enjoy until the day I die. Then my family can figure out what to do with all of them.
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    I don't need some moronic imbocile to tell me my figures are in mint condition. I am not blind, I can see what condition they are in. If someone wants a graded condition in a trade or something I can give a good estimate. Who ever came up with that idea is getting rich off of some fools out there.
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    I think you all are missing the point. You see, every one of you are TINY fish in the figure collecting ocean. TINY! I'm the tiny fish to your right. There are figures out there, say vinyl cape Jawa 12-back or POTF Anakin or Droids Sise Fromm or Droids Fett, that go for THOUSANDS of dollars in top condition. If I were a bigger fish and had, say five grand to plunk down on a single figure, would I rather take Joe Blow eBay seller's word for it or would I rather have the word of an independent 3rd party give me their professional opinion as to its grade? Kind of an easy question for me.

    Now, when I see the Saga Qui-Gon Jinn graded AFA-whatever, it does kinda irk me. Not everything is "worthy" of professional grading, be it from AFA or whomever. For example, the picture of Jango Fett that I drew is not hanging up in a museum next to a Monet. And for damn good reason - they are not in the same league.

    There are some figures out there that are so uncommon or in such phenomenal shape, that they should be professionally graded - if for no other reason than to seal them from the elements and ensure their safety for generations to come. This keeps schmoes from making fake copies and passing them off as the real deal. I'd have to read the Rebelscum article and see pics of the sealed fake before I bought that story. (I just looked on Rebelscum's page and couldn't find any such article - I'd like a link, please.)

    My main problem with AFA is: I've seen some VERY NICE samples sold by some small-time sellers which received 70 - 85 grades. I've seen samples about half as nice from large corporate sellers, like Cloud City, receive grades of 90 - 95. That's my only beef with AFA - it's too objective and easy to manipulate. "Should I give Cloud City a 90 on this figure, or the 75 it deserves? If I give 'em a 75, they might not keep sending me 50 figures a month." That's my beef. EACH AND EVERY figure should have to go through a 3 person review before the final grade is issued. To the best of my knowledge, this does not happen.

    I have about 10 AFA graded figures; all vintage. Would I get any more graded? Heck yes! Will I do it any time soon? Heck no! Not until I see some major corrections coming out of them. I'm not sending my ROTJ Vader worthy of a 90+ to them so it can receive a 75 because I don't send them 50 a month. I'll wait this out or find another grader.

    The IDEA of 3rd party professional grading is great. It helps preserve these figures as SOME OF THEM ARE - works of art worthy of preservation. However, like with everything else, theory and practice tend to differ.



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