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    What do you do for a living?

    Simple question and please keep this thread on the serious track.

    I am a Web Specialist (Web Designer/SEO Consultant/Project Manager/etc.)
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    I'm a college Instructor at a state university in Ohio.
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    Let's see: freelance Graphic Designer, webmaster for a couple of different websites, farmhand/tractor driver, plus I just started working part-time at Walmart doing overnight stocking in the meat department.

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    Aside from doing some freelance art, I am a bartender at a TGiFridays. : )
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    I work on the fire control RADAR for the F/A-18 in the Navy.
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    Work in the ophthalmology department at Denver General, sorry that's Denver Health & Hospital now.

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    I recently had to go back to painting cars due to family and personal health catastrophes (one of them caused by...yes painting cars )

    The money is good though, and these days lucky to have a skill and a job.
    Got a gig in Santa Fe where I have to commute, but work at a high end shop so it's worth it. Last month I got to paint a Rolls Royce, so that's a feather in my cap.
    All the hoyty-toyty rich in Santa Fe have plenty of money to repair their cars..uh good for me I guess.
    Saw a former Governor in there a few weeks ago getting an estimate on his Beemer.

    I can't remember..did I already say these things? It's the paint I guess.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blue2th View Post
    Saw a former Governor in there a few weeks ago getting an estimate on his Beemer.
    Tony Anaya?

    Santa Fe is definitely a hub for the rich. I remember that from when I lived there as a kid.

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    I am a high school civics/US history teacher.
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    Crime scene investigator for the third largest county (in area) in California.
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