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    We need a new ANH Han Solo

    I'm sick to death of the line using over and over the VOTC Han Solo. That 6-year-old figure may be beloved by some of you, but you have to admit that it doesn't scale well to your other figures, and it has its share of issues.

    We need a Han that:

    • has an excellent likeness
    • scales better to the rest of the line, with legs and arms that can be used on other Han figures without looking INCREDIBLY STUPID
    • has a separate vest
    • employs modern-quality articulation without looking worse for it
    • doesn't have a giraffe neck
    • uses a gun belt that isn't so bulbous

    That's it, really. It's not so darned complicated. Yet for the past 6 years, Han Solo figures have all consistently underwhelmed thanks in part to this one figure. Every Han figure since has come up short due to this single mold, so no matter how much you like it, that's a HUGE problem that needs to be fixed finally.
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    I love the VOTC figure, but yeah, we could use a new one. I'd like to see one whose holster straps to the leg like on the Garindan figure so he can sit without the holster getting in the way. You should write up a question in the Q&A about this, methinks.
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    I do think that the 2004 VOTC Han Solo figure is the best Han Solo made thus far and he's still one of my favorite Star Wars figures of all time. However, I agree that frankensteining his parts into future releases has significantly hurt the quality of every subsequent Han Solo figure across the board.

    I will definitely be extremely annoyed with Hasbro is they reuse these parts yet again for the 2011 Bespin Han Solo. If Bespin Luke can get a complete resculpt after only 3 years, then Bespin Han Solo deserves the same respect considering the last all-new version of him was 10 years ago.
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    The reason they keep reusing VOTC parts is because people keep praising it and voting it one of the best figures ever made in polls. It frustrates the hell out of me.

    I agree, it badly needs to be retired.

    I remember being relieved about Hoth Han (not the new open coat one) because I knew it most definitely would not be using VOTC anorexic parts. It and the carkoon Han are the only ones who have escaped the absurdity, though the latter had issues of its own.

    Its going to be tense waiting to see what they do with Bespin Han. You'd think after torture rack Han they'd see the folly of using any VOTC parts but then I really and truly expected that DSII Luke would be a new figure after all this time and all the demand...and how wrong I was proven.

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    Personally, I think the VOTC is still darn good - including well hiddent super articulation. That said, I am always down for another go
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    ^another case in point. More praise. Hasbro have been choosing to see only that while ignoring the few who have a problem with the VOTC figure.

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    I always thought the VOTC Han was pretty good, but it has faults as JT pointed out. I'm all for a new one as long as its better than the VOTC version. Sometimes Hasbro resculpts main characters, only to end up with something marginally better, or even worse than the original.

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    I wouldn't complain if they released a new and improved one, but I think the VOTC one is great. Hasbro would do well to rerelease it in Saga Legends.

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    I don't understand the love for this figure, I'm pretty much in the same boat as Devo up there, but I try to give its proponents the benefit of the doubt. That said, I can't think of any Han figures in the last 6 years that have gotten great reviews, most people seem fairly underwhelmed to unhappy with those figures, so it surprises me that there's still this great feeling for progenitor of those figures.

    Then again, Han seems to have it easy by the fans. Fans have been crowing about how great the Commtech figure is even to this day despite it being a POTF2-quality sculpt with awkward articulation, and how fantastic the POTJ Han Bespin is despite again simple-quality sculpting and off colors.

    I think the collecting community needs to hold Han figures to a higher standard, at least as high as any prequel Jedi joker, or Emperor Palpatine, or even General Veers.

    (I'm moving this thread to TLC, seems to be too early to use the TVC section for this type of discussion.)
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    Kylo Ren - came from Space Brooklyn, although he moved to Space Williamsburg before it was trendy.

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    I think that we need a new han solo, but I do not hate the VOTC version. That being said, I would definitely buy a new han that looks much better than the VOTC version. One thing about the VOTC version that I do not like is that the color of the paint on the neck does not usually match the color of paint on his face.
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