And the Moldy Crow is our 2nd Expanded Universe Winner (first came the Skipray Blastboat from HTTE).

Kyle Katarn's starship's supporters and detractors were neck-and-neck on this one all the way through, and the ship won 9-8. It was really close.

These polls are always open and subject to change with new votes, btw. My series is for fun, a sampling of the consensus out there, and discussion on how to make these vehicles, price them, and how an afficiando might use them (as Kyle's personal ship for a Dark Forces display, as Coruscant traffic, or traffic over a diorama of Nar Shadda, etc.)

Anyway, I hope the Moldy Crow continues to stay ahead with her points because JT is right: with much of the movie vehicles already produced, the EU is an excellent source from which to keep the exciting starfighter line going. It continues to breath life into our hobby, and could possibly lead to more figures (like if they make Guri's Stinger, shouldn't they make Guri ?)

I'll poll for the Stinger later in the EU series. Right now I'm trying to go backwards through the EU chronology - an arbitrary decision so everything is not prequel-based and focus on vehicles that already have figures produced that belong operating them.