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    I imagine the other pod racer's voting would be similar to this one, losing two to one. I'm with BigBarada, the only pod racer I would buy separately is Dud Bolt, and that's just because his was the pod I used in both pod racer games.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tycho View Post
    TPM vehicles (in order of appearence) are:

    Radiant 7 - polled for
    Trade Federation ship "Revenue" - I might poll for this.
    Federation Landing Craft - I'll probably poll for this.
    Vulture Fighter - MADE
    AAT- Tank - MADE
    MTT - polled for
    Droid Rack on Skiff - polled for
    Gungan Bongo Submarine - polled for
    Queen's Royal Starship - MADE
    Anakin's Podracer - MADE
    Sith Infiltrator - MADE and I polled for a larger one
    Sebulba's podracer - MADE
    Ody Mandrell's Podracer - polled for
    Teemto Pagales' Podracer - next poll most likely
    Mars Guo's Podracer - will be polled for
    Ratts Tyrell's Podracer - will be polled for
    Ben Quadrinaros' Podracer - will be polled for
    Mohawnic's Podracer - will be polled for
    Gasgano's Podracer - will be polled for
    Dud Bolt's Podracer - will be polled for
    Clegg Holdfast's Podracer - will be polled for
    Senate Speaker's Car - MADE - but maybe I'll poll for these individually sold
    Flash Speeder - MADE
    Gian Speeder - polled for
    Gungan Battle Wagon (with falumpaset) - MADE
    N1 Fighter - MADE
    Well, almost anything feasible or worthy from TPM has been done already.

    Vehicle-wise, the galaxy was not yet at full-scale war, and the offerings are weaker. Plus all the Trade Federation gear can be re-released for Clone Wars (and has been already).

    For "the good guys" to have anything, you need to fleet-build the N1 starfighters.

    But they can come out with the Republic's Radiant VII and we voted for that here.
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