Whether never made or requiring a remake, there's probably more than a few figures on our lists. But some are way-out fringe stuff, some are whims that we really don't care as much about as we say, and some just don't fit the idea of that "core" need thing. So what are your CORE "needs to be done" figures?

I'll work on mine right now in a general manner, by movie.

Here's my ANH list:

  • Luke Farmboy - the resurgence pack was so close, but the legs and head paint kept it from hitting the right notes.
  • Luke Stormtrooper - I know, weird, right? I hate that VOTC head they keep using on this one though. Also, the height has never hit the mark, it's just not "a little short for a stormtrooper".
  • Han ANH - they've got not even close in my book.
  • Leia ANH - again, not even remotely there yet. All the previous are either off by articulation or sculpt or both. And hood-up/hood-down needs to be addressed better.
  • C-3PO - this one is rough, if you like chrome then he's basically there, but the sculpting is so far below non-chromed that it's impossible to put with others, and they've done finer chrome sculpting with TC-14, so either way it's not there in my book. ANH needs to be dirty, ESB needs better removable limbs. And this new one just doesn't look right, yet.
  • R2-D2 - I thought R2 was basically a done deal, until we got the better sculpting and accuracy on the BAD astromechs. If nothing else, a smoother dome with sharper sculpted panels, same with the body, and the "hips" spacer rings would take it a long way. Getting better paint weathering, and scaling the chrome better the way the Ep 1 fig did, would be good too. No light-piped radar eye, that kills sooo many R2s.
  • Darth Vader - ugh, yes, another Vader, sorry. One that looks like ANH would be nice, like the Commtech fig but with quality articulation. That '99 fig was also the last of the non-chiffon capes and skirts, no more of that worthless chiffon-like cloth!
  • Tarkin - the POTF2 version almost holds up, he doesn't need superarticulation or anything, but the pose and sculpt do need a little freshening, he's a main villain after all. Actually, he does need superarticulation for a variety of menacing poses to choose from, I guess.
  • I'm in a wait-n-see pattern for Evazan & Ponda Baba.
  • Do I put Greedo on my list simply because of a fuzzy vest hampering the last one? I'm on the fence.
  • Wedge Antilles - maybe the existing sculpt works, but I don't see it because it's covered up by the over-the-top eye and eyebrow paint. Still, that frown is a major bummer.
  • I don't really think I care enough about an Owen or Beru figure, despite the ones we have being pretty shabby. They're just not quite interesting enough for me to go "oh, I need that". But I could be wrong, this is one I'd need to see a really high-quality execution on, maybe as a set too.
  • Sandtrooper - there's something about the existing ones that doesn't get the job done. The pose is off, the weathering is off, and the armor isn't sculpted to the movie styling which we now are much clearer on after Sideshow's figure. The only one that comes close is the Saga Legends Fans Choice one using the Evo body and a new pauldron. But that's merely the orange-pauldron trooper, there are others.
  • Chewie with removable bandolier - I nearly forgot about this one. Chewie takes off his bandolier in the Falcon cockpit on Tatooine. It's minor, but I don't think Chewie's ever had a removable bandolier and that makes no sense, it's like he was living on Endor. Minor, but it's something I keep expecting them to do and keep being surprised by the absence of. I wouldn't campaign for it though.

That's it, 14 figures. No more aliens. No Han or Luke in their ceremony costumes from the end.

I'll try to address my other movies' lists in future posts.