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    Do your stormtroopers hold their blasters left- or right-handed?

    If you didn't notice before, ever since the VOTC Stormtrooper mold, all Stormtrooper figures are left-handed. Their right hands are sculpted in a relatively neutral pose with a trigger finger, but their left hands are sculpted in a tight gun-holding pose that cannot be used for anything else. This means stormtrooper figures are meant to hold their weapons in their left hands, with their right hands cradling the barrels. If you try to have the left hand hold the barrel instead of the grip, the gun is bent significantly, as if your stormtrooper were Superman.

    Left-handed blaster holding is supported in the films, a lot of the stormies hold them that way, and their holsters are on their left hips. Take a look at this shot from ANH:
    The stormtrooper who bumps his head in the movie? Him and all his squad are lefties:
    The ones busting into the Tantive IV? Lefties:
    Luke Skywalker using this blaster? Southpaw'd!:
    Even on Cloud City:
    and on Endor sometimes:

    That's not to say the blaster is exclusively used left-handed by Stormtroopers or in general, just that there are plenty of examples to the point where it seems to be probably the intended norm in the SW universe.

    But I'm a righty, and I have my figures mostly posted hold them right-handed; nearly all of them are holding them in a classic 2-handed grip, so the left hand ends up just UNDER the barrel rather than bending it into an S shape. However, it's beginning to look way too obvious that my figures aren't truly holding the barrels that way, and the one figure I do have holding the barrel properly in his left hand that gun is forever a boomerang now.

    I would vastly prefer a slightly more neutral pose on both hands and more flexible material used for the hands, but so far Hasbro has not been receptive to the idea.

    So I was wondering, what pose do your Stormtrooper figures end up in? Are they left-handed or right-handed? Do you have a preference, or did they end up that way naturally?
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    I wonder how much of what we see in the movie in this regard is meant to be, and how much is due to the film being "flipped" during editing...

    That said, most of my figures are righties, though I have no stormtroopers at this time.

    As for bent guns, I would suggest Marauder Gun-Runners; they offer an excellent "modified Sterling SMG" that's made from good, solid plastic and even has a hinged folding stock. I have just one right now (buying more soon) and that sucker will NOT bend. They're relatively inexpensive and MGR offers them by the dozen, so it's great for equipping your army of choice.

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    I mix them, same as with any non-clone army builder (and this goes for Joes, too), since, logically, a few would be left-handed.

    The hand is still a major improvement from the vintage one, which, like most vintage figures, could only hold a weapon in the right hand.
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    I agree with Space Outlaw, I'm right handed so naturally most of my figs are displayed right handed. However, I have noticed that there are a lot of left handed troopers . I always assumed that there were a lot of scenes that were flipped (I read about certain examples in the recent Making of Star Wars book). Though I also noticed some left handed ones onscreen with right handed ones which does suggest that there are lefties out there. This was hard to reconcile; if they're all clones why aren't they all of the same handedness? I guess the EU says that they're not all Jango clones or even clones at all so that solves that but I would like to see a new hand sculpt to allow a more ambidextrous trooper.
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    All of my Storm Troopers and all of my 501st clones (Only ones I buy) are Right Handed, save one storm trooper and one of the clones who is supposedly left haned (though his name escapes me). The one storm trooper is supposed to be the same clone in the original trilogy.

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    All my regular Stormtroopers hold their blasters in their right hands.

    All my Sandtroopers but one do the same, with some holding a Dewback prod in their left hand.

    Curiously, my Spacetroopers all hold their weapons in their left hands. I do not know why I arranged them like that.

    My AT-AT Drivers and Snowtroopers are also right-handed.

    My Scout Troopers all have their blasters in their holsters, as they are standing at attention. I think they're right-handed, though.

    And looking at my 6 Emperor's Royal Guards, I see that I have them all left-handed...

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    The whole left handed thing is because the trooper gun was based on the Sterling L2A3 sub-machine gun. The "clip" was on the left side of the gun, So when troopers would hold it with thier right hands "trigger finger" the "clip" would hit against the troopers chestplate and limit movement.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Warped View Post
    The whole left handed thing is because the trooper gun was based on the Sterling L2A3 sub-machine gun. The "clip" was on the left side of the gun, So when troopers would hold it with thier right hands "trigger finger" the "clip" would hit against the troopers chestplate and limit movement.

    I'd forgotten how much the clip sticks out on that gun. It was better to use the real gun left handed, but for the movies, the "clip" didn't stick out very far, so I don't think it matters which hand they used.

    As far as I can tell, all the troopers I have displayed hold the gun in their right hands. Almost all the rest of the figures also hold their weapon/accessory in their right hand as well, with a few exceptions(TLC Vader & Ben Kenobi)

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    I'm a mix of both, depending on how I want to arrange the figures in the scene. Pretty much all of my clones are right-handed, as the hands are sculpted that way, aside from those ones from the deluxe sets where the guns are molded to the left hands. Given the photos, I might go through and switch more of the stormtroopers to lefties. That's interesting.
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    All my stormies had their guns taken away because they wouldnt clean up their room.


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