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    A pass for me as well. Just doesn't interest me enough to want one.

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    This would be a pass for me as easy as Dell. The vehicle is a prequil vehicle, which right there earns negative points (there's only been 3 I was interested in enough to buy). It's boring, and it wouldn't just peg warm: it would SHELF warm.

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    no, I wouldn't buy this, not even in other scales (AF, MM). Just not interesting enough. Maybe if there were a series of Coruscant Taxi Confessionals to help dramatize it, but lacking that, no.
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    I'll pass on this one. Unless they bring it back for titanium.
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    NO. there isn't a intergalactic version of crazy taxi

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    I will have to say no. My han solo will not be hailing a taxi.
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    I would get one but only if it came with a really tiny bead back massager and some fuzzy dice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darth Jax View Post
    NO. there isn't a intergalactic version of crazy taxi
    I disagree, didn't you see the early portion of AOTC? Heck, they even made Anakin's airspeeder the same color and it had fins.
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    If they can bring back the $15 line and add the Bothan-looking fellow, yes. Otherwise, I think it'd be too expensive.
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    Yes to this and any other "movie" vehicle.
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