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    I'm speeding along with the Expanded Universe Ship Poll and Xizor's Virago won!

    We have another EU winner by 10-6 with the Virago.

    I'm glad to see this one do so well.

    Expanded Universe Winners are:

    Skipray Blastboat (Heir to the Empire)
    Moldy Crow (Dark Forces)
    Xizor's Virago (Shadows of the Empire)

    Expanded Universe losers have been:

    The Mynock (Legacy)
    Corral Skip (New Jedi Order)
    Jade Shadow (New Jedi Order)
    Lady Luck (New Republic era)
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    Yes. I know we will never see it, but yes.
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    I would get two of these ships.

    I didn't particularly care for SotE, but Guri, Virago, the YT-2400, and the Falleen (though not necessarily Xizor) were all pretty cool.

    The second one would be for a roleplay character my friends and I established as owning one of these.
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